The End

It is the end of wedding week. Tomorrow I get married. TOMORROW!

Today is the rehearsal plus a whole bunch of other little things involving running around the city with my ladies. And then I say goodbye to Kamel, head to the hotel for one last single girl sleepover (involving naked pillow fights … of COURSE).

It’s the end of a dating era and the beginning of a whole new chapter, one that starts off with a pretty kick ass honeymoon (although, right now the weather screams rain…. eff the weather). But never fear, next week I have some AMAZING posts planned for you. Not so much by me, but by some of your favorites (I know you, I know your style, and you’re going to like the gaggle of lady voices I’ve rounded up… trust me). So I’ll be checking in periodically to see how things are humming along, but before I go I wanted to take a second to thank you.

Thank you so much for being so incredibly supportive and enthusiastic. When I was typetypetyping alone in my living room, you guys were there cheering me on about mundane wedding crap, telling me it would all be ok, that it would be worth it, that it would all work out in the end and be amazing. There are so many non-internet(able) things I want to be able to share with you, but I can’t. So, for now – thank you. Most of you I have never met, some of you are my favorites in real life and NOT in real life. And you made everything easier, more fun, and joyous. You guys rock.

And now… a wedding.

25 thoughts on “The End”

  1. Yay ! It’s finally here. Enjoy, be happy. Let all the joy and love come to you. Sending wedding magic, and hoping for good weather during the honeymoon. -oh -i wanna hug you guys.

  2. Lauren,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long while as well as APW. I enjoy your writing so much, but have never been brave enough to comment. I just want to give you and Kamel my best wishes for a joyful joyful joyful wedding day and marriage!

  3. Congratulations!!! I hope that you have a glorious wedding day! I also found you through APW and I love reading you there and here. Wishing you and Kamel all the best. Even though I have never met you, I feel like I know you a little through the interwebs. 🙂

  4. ….and tomorrow will be the BEGINNING!!!!!! TOMORROW!! Holy Crap!! I cant believe how fast it came. I am going to be thinking about you guys all day tomorrow and can NOT wait to hear how everything goes. You will definitely be getting texts from me-no reply necessary of course. TOMORROW!! Mrs. Wife. YOU. Wow.

  5. Lauren-

    I’m so happy for you. I wish you and Kamel the best in this new chapter that you are about to beginning. Hope it’s a joyous journey! Love you and miss you tons.

  6. Congratulations!! I’ll think sunny thoughts (literally and figuratively) for you and Kamel! I’ll be excitedly waiting to read your blog once you are home and see some pics!

    (Not wanting to steal your wedding thunder, but I’m excited because we are July-bride-buddies! I still have to wait 10 more days though…)

  7. Yaaaaay! It’s almost here! I am so happy for you guys I can hardly stand it. Wishing you a wonderful, joy-filled, bursting-with-love day tomorrow … I’ll be doing happy dances for you guys all day. ::grins::

    Love you!

  8. Please!!! Have as much fun as you possibly can TOMORROW!!!! Don’t overthink anything! What’s done is done, just enjoy! Don’t be nervous at all, you’re doing one of the most amazing thing you’ll ever do, and you’ll do it just once, so just ENJOY!!!!!
    And the honeymoon is just the best icing on the cake that you’ll ever experience, so also relax, take a lot of pictures, do nothing at all, and once again just ENJOY!!!!
    I would give anything to go back in time and experience my wedding and honeymoon all over again! It was awesome, greatest days of my life!!!

    I wish you both all the best! Give a very special hugh to my “cousin” Kamel please!

  9. EEE!! I’m so very excited for you – if I could keep rain away by sheer force of will, I definitely would. Here’s hoping it cooperates anyway though! Have a wonderful, awesome day tomorrow 🙂

  10. Yeah!! No more of this engaged nonsense, you are officially going to be in the “Married, bitches!!” category.

    You’ll like it over here. We have husbands and adventures and NO wedding planning! : )

  11. Yaaaaay Lauren! I’ll cross my fingers that the weather is great – but even if it’s not, your wedding will be wonderful! Congratulations!

  12. Congrats!! On Saturday night, I was busy getting drunk, the night before my wedding. On Sunday morning I totally thought of you guys…who I don’t know…but sent a mental congratulations. I hope it was wonderful and you are enjoying the hell out of your honeymoon!

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