Taking The Oath

On Monday we skedaddled down to the admin building downtown to secure our marriage license. It has a 72 hour hold on it, so we needed to make sure we got it well in advance of our wedding day.

I expected this to be one thing on a list of pre-wedding errands. I did not expect to be overcome with the goofiest, happiest, giddiest feeling walking into a building where I’ve also been to switch my car’s title and take care of several other mundane tasks.

I wanted to tell everyone that WE WERE GETTING MARRIED. Even the lady who was giving us our, uh, marriage license. Kamel and I kept high five-ing. Again and again and again. We were total excited goobers.

Please observe my crazy parents photo bombing us. ha.

When they told us to raise our right hands and swear to the validity of all things written, I wanted to SQUEEL. How cool is that? We totally took an OATH. Like on TV!

Nerd Lauren has completely taken over and unfortunately (for the world… and maybe you), there will no longer be any “playing it cool,” because there may be a freaking hurricane of happy dances, the cabbage patch, and excitedly running in place to come.

23 thoughts on “Taking The Oath”

  1. YAAAY!! So exciting. I am terrified of forgetting to do this 3 days in advance, and have written it down on about a million post-its. Also, your mom is awesome.

  2. I really love your folks in that picture! I’m definitely sure my parents would look just as funny and adorable photobombing us.

    You’re getting married soon- we expect lots of SQUEE moments!

  3. Well how the hell could you not be giddy—you’re filling out paperwork with FLOWER-TOPPED PENS in a room that looks like a kindergarten! Best government building ev-AH.

    Squeeee, so excited for you guys. (And your parents, because they are clearly excited too!)

    1. Dit-TOOO!!! Yay for happy dances! Im sooo glad to hear you are getting more excited and less stressed! AND not getting caught up in the whole “omg my life is about to change, this is huge, im gonna freak out” stuff! You guys rock 🙂

  4. This is awesome!! I love that you guys took photos; it’s so cute. 🙂 When we went, there were like 5 other couples getting their certificates so we were all excited and asking each other when our dates were, etc.

    And also, your parents rule. At first, before I read the caption, I thought they were just random people photobombing your photo, hahaha.

  5. That is the most amazing government office I’ve ever seen! How cheerful! (Our courthouse had marriage and pistol licenses issued from the same room, I kid you not.)

  6. Those smiles are incredible! I love the look on Kamel’s face in the second one like, “I get to MARRY her! I can’t believe it! Can you believe it? I can’t!”

    Congrats to you both!

  7. SQUEE!!!

    Dude, stop with the playing it cool. Seriously. You’re allowed to be excited. =)

    It IS exciting. When we got ours we were THISCLOSE to just getting legally married right there, we were so excited. And there was a family (bride + groom + 2 year old) right in front of us in line who DID. It was adorable and tear-jerking, and what it’s all about.

    ::happy dance::

  8. Ok, this is totally creepy and waaaay too late to comment, but I wanted to let you know that on a day when I hate my wedding (note** not my impending marriage or my fhub, just my wedding) this made me sooo crazy happy!! Bc this is what it’s all about to me, high fives and the cabbage patch!!

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