Roadtripping: La Push

Two years ago Maris and I ran off to a pilgrimage nerdfest to Forks and La Push. Forks was pretty silly, but hilarious. La Push, on the other hand, was the most magical place I had ever been. And since that day, I have been wanting to take Kamel up the peninsula and to the coast.

On Tuesday we rented a car, hopped on a ferry, and were driving up 101 to La Push, just the two of us. A glorious thing to do the week before your wedding, let me tell you.

I kept telling Kamel, La Push is magical. Magical, Magical, Magical. The most beautiful place I had ever been. He was going to LOVE it, just wait. And I would say the same thing to you. You’re going to freaking love it. Photos will never ever do it justice but I’m going to share them anyway.

We love roadtrips. We live driving to places that not everyone thinks to go, to places people think are too far away for a day trip. We scoff at those people. A 4 hour drive, one way? Pshh, we got this. We are excellent car buddies, we sing and play games and eat snacks and take turns navigating. We rule at the road.

We would so much rather not be making to-do lists and putting things together, tying ribbons on our semi-DIY programs, and worrying about guest lists, day of timing, and when we can squeeze in lunch. We want to be here, having adventures, taking on the unknown and the new.

Being goobers, being goofballs, being windblown and rain-damp, and deciding on whether we try out this road-side diner, or hold out for a Taco Time.

What better time to remind me why I love him so very much.

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  1. I love the Olympic peninsula! my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary there. Seattle has so many great places for day trips. taking the ferry is fun in itself. your pictures are fabulous!

    1. Jacob….YES you must go back AND you must take us with you! šŸ™‚ So glad you guys had fun and got to squeeze in some adventure time just the 2 of you.

  2. That is one if my all time favorite beaches. I’ve taken day trips up there so many times I’ve lost count, yet I’ve never taken my almost-wife. While we may not pull it off the week of our wedding, I’ll bet we can make it happen in the next few weeks. Enjoy this time together and celebrate well!

  3. Ooh I’ll have to stop there when I’m on the coast!

    You guys are so cute, you make my cold black heart melt a bit. Also – Kamel’s jumping pictures always look so serious.

    1. Every time we would be search searching searching for food, we would settle on something and then we would turn out of the parking lot after left and THERE WOULD BE A TACO TIME and then I cried.

  4. Woow ! Such a beautiful, beautiful place. You are right it is magical. And I am gonna repeat , and say that yeah, what a great idea to squeeze a little roadtrip just the two of you before the wedding. So much fun. Travelling with the car is the best, for all the reasons that you mentioned šŸ™‚ Happy for you guys !

  5. I am so jealous! I love being up in LaPush & confess that glimpses of the PNW were enough to persuade me to consider watching Twilight movies. I was so glad not to get a frantic e-mail from you and now I’m even happier to see that you spend such a magical pre-wedding day full of adventure.

    1. hahaha RIGHT? the crying for fear of hair/makeup disaster email would have been pretty horrible. But I knew you were at the ready just in case! hahaha. šŸ™‚

  6. My heart is all full of love for you two! What a special thing to do before the wedding. Like a pre-honeymoon– when you’re all excited about what’s to come. Great idea, and amazing pictures too.

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