Honeymoon: The Magical

I know that Meg, in her guest post, talked about secret vacations and keeping certain things off the internet. And there were tons of things about my honeymoon that we will keep just to ourselves, but I live in stories. That’s how I work things out, that’s how I remember great events, that’s how I navigate the world.

Cancun. Perfect weather (except one day with some massive thunderstorms where lightening struck trees only a few blocks from us). Perfect beaches. Tropical paradise.


Plus, you know, just one of the Seven Wonders of The World.

Chichen Itza is the main pyramid of the Mayan ruins and was a little under a three hour drive from where we were staying in Cancun. So, on Friday we set our alarms for 5am, set on a 6am departure in order to beat the big tour buses, and headed out in our little rented piece of shit car (that shook if you made it go too fast and was always threatening to over heat). The directions to the pyramid were not exactly crystal clear. We had this vague map, with a few streets on it and a general direction to head.

About a block from where we needed to make the turn off to the highway, Kamel (bless his heart, but at the time I wanted to kill him) had a total freak out and decided we were lost, made us turn around to clarify directions at a little convenience store. The people in the store said they had no idea where the road (the road they worked on every day) went. This reminded me of the study out of LA that said some inner city kids, whose lives only existed in a 6 block radius had never even seen the ocean living in LA. Poverty is isolating.

So we headed further back, asked some exceedingly friendly cops for help, who then returned us to our original path and poof! There was the opening to the highway we needed. Like magic. At this point Kamel and I weren’t speaking to each other. Instead, as we drove deeper and deeper into the insanely lush jungle of the Yucatan, I searched the trees for monkeys. Obviously. And what I found was not monkeys, but something better: Butterflies.

Now, I’ve talked about how I don’t like butterflies, how flying things in general give me the heebie jeebies. I don’t like hummingbirds because they seem like giant effing bugs to me, and I’m a screamer, what can I say?

But while we drove the butterflies became more and more dense, floating by in the trees in light green, white, neon yellow, pastel shades. We were the only car on the road and suddenly the silence stopped being menacing and became calm. Kamel and I held hands and kept pushing forward.

When we got to Chichen Itza the sheer magnitude of the ruins took my breath away. It was early in the morning, the flood of people hadn’t arrived (though by the time we left they would have), the ruins, in a large cleared out field were surrounded by so much energy. Years and years and years, beyond my comprehension of years, and so much history and meaning weaved around them (what happened there, who lived there, the knowledge they had, their fall and conquering, their tragedy, their mystery) was palpable.

But so were the butterflies. Hundreds of butterflies danced around the field, landing on my back and legs, and then flying off again. They were mesmerized by Kamel’s green shoes – which also happened to be the exact shade of some of them. The butterflies would land on his feet or the ground near him, to the point where we were literally surrounded by flight. We moved through the morning heat, the stone pillars, the air thick with history, and butterflies. It was breath-takingly magical.

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  1. I love the photo of Kamel’s hand on the pillar. It seems to represent how really great things–like amazing, structurally-sound buildings and big, all-encompassing love–can be timeless.

  2. amazinggg! yeah I can’t not talk about vacations. nice idea, but, no.

    glad you warmed up to the butterflies. 😉

    also! amazing bathing suit, where did you get that?! HAWT.

    1. It’s nordstrom! I’m a sucker for ruffles. Plus It was my “secure”suit with an underwire and REAL full butt and hips bottoms. So it wouldn’t fall off in the waves… like my other one kept doing haha.

    1. hahahaha I can’t! I have no photos and I’m still trying to decide what stories to tell. Plus I have to save for a grad post for APW. I’m working it out. 😉

  3. Yep, you and your bathing suit are teh bomb. And getting anywhere early is the greatest idea, especially when traveling. Mayan ruins are on my to-see list, but now they always make me think of Barbara Kingsolver’s The Lacuna, which I didn’t like as much as her other novels. Glad to see you even enjoyed the butterflies!

  4. Love the butterflies ! We shall call Kamel, Kamel the green butterfly king or something.
    I am glad you had so much fun ! Glad you are back ! And yeah, ancient ruins / buildings are always impressive. Love to read about old times.

  5. Congratulations! Welcome back! You look adorable in that red bikini!

    And I like the part of your story when silence switches from tense and downright hateful to companionable and comforting and hand holding is sweet and almost fragile. Ok, I know I’m projecting and that’s not exactly what you said, but I recognized truth in that paragraph.

    Looking forward to more stories!

  6. I still wish I could’ve taken a picture of the butterflies wanting to pollinate my shoes. I had it at one point, but you know me… slow to shoot. =)

    I love this post! This was one of my favorite days

  7. And this is only one of the many stories I’m sure you have from your honeymoon!
    You know how the family feels about butterflies! So it must’ve been amazing!
    I love how you guys look!

  8. Holy Hottie Patottie!! You look like a pin up girl in that adorable mentioned-many-times-already polka dot cuteness of a bathing suit! Im so glad you guys had such a magical time. What amazing pics of the ruins, i could imagine what it was like in real life! So glad to have you guys back! =D PS..that pimp hat totally works for Kamel! He was made to wear those i think.

  9. Ummm your SWIMSUIT! Is frickin ADORABLE! Red polka dots with ruffles?? J’adore! Total beach babe.

    And also, ruins + butterflies sounds magical.

  10. Ummmm SNAP Lauren… yesterday (YESTERDAY!) we booked flights to Cancun and New York for our honeymoon… and planned a day at Chichen Itza. You guys look like you had so much fun, it’s making me super excited!

  11. What a beautifull pictures!!!, my dear Lauren you look sooo pretty in that red swim suit!!, and Kamelito you look so cute in that tourist outfit… LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Love you guys and keep going a happy couple.

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