Hola, It is Monday

…. and I am not here. I am catching a flight to Mexico for our honeymoon. (Can a get a hell yeah?!) But you know where else I am? I’m over at Allison Writes, apparently being an inspiration? I’m not entirely sure, it’s all a little overwhelming, really. Allison is one of those people who I think is infinitely cooler than I am. On every level. And to be any kind of inspiration to her pretty much blows my freaking mind.

And while we’re on the subject of inspiration, I wanted to give you a headsup on a new segment starting some time in August here at Better In Real Life. We’re going to be highlighting real life artists. People shaping their life around art, looking to be working artists, self supporting artists based households, or people who are slaving away at a day job but live for their craft. All of the above. They’re going to be stopping by to have a little chat about what they do, where they see themselves going artistically, inspiration, and so on and so forth. And Allison just happens to be the numero uno artist up at the plate.

So if you know someone (writers, painters, sculptures, whatev-ers) who may be interested to do some chatting via the internets, send them my way at betterinrealife at gmail dot com.

And now, I’m off to continue my flight to the honeymooning place. Tomorrow we start the rest of the week of guest postings. But for sure go check out Allison today and show her some solid luurve.

5 thoughts on “Hola, It is Monday”

  1. Ohhh enjoy it soo much in Mexico. Make sure you go to Merida, to get a different taste than a resort, and just walking the city. Also of course, go to the archaeological sites. And if you can, by all means, go to Holbox. It is truly beautiful, and I am not sure it will be there, as it is, for long. Have fun, married lady 🙂 and hi to Kamel !

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