Fooding Update: Peas To Meet You

Last night I, for the first time in my adult life, made PEAS.

And you know what? I loved them, Kamel loved them, we ate them before our polenta was even done – that’s how much we loved them.

Next time I will make more, because I wasn’t sure how much was too much. Peas are bad ass. Who knew? Go veggies!

17 thoughts on “Fooding Update: Peas To Meet You”

  1. yay peeeeeeeas! man you are hitting all my faves, with the beets and the peas. I’m obsessed with both. I put peas in everything. yumzzz. how did you live your whole life without them??

    1. both kamel and I did not like them as kids, I’ve had them since childhood and liked them, but never really thought to make them. Plus… I worry they will be mushy, and I enjoy my peas to pop! 🙂

  2. Wait! How did you make the peas? Saute with olive oil or something? I wanna know, because I only eat sugar snap peas raw because I have a severe horror of mushy vegetables. Is that why yours are so bright and
    happy?? I’ve never had happy peas before….

    1. Yes! Take a little bit of oil and heat it in the pan, dump a couple of large handfuls or cups of frozen peas into the pan. Sprinkle with S&P or your fav spice (I like curry) Let them cook for just a few minutes to defrost and cook a little!

    2. hahahahahahaha. they were so snappy and happy. I bought a bag of frozen sweet peas. And did what Allison told me to do, and voila! happy pea popcorn.

  3. Oh man, I love peas. Every which way, too! Raw sugar-snap peas, steamed, done in olive oil to be snappy, done until they’re mushy, and OCCASIONALLY creamed on toast. (Don’t judge.) I’m just a pea lover. ::nods::

    Fun fact … when I was a tiny child I would put a single pea in my mouth and about later spit out the skin. HOW I did that, I have no idea. But apparently it caused much hilarity in my family for several years.

    Peas out!

  4. I eat peas all the dang time, I’ve no idea how you made it to this point in life without them! (I mean, I do, because I read up-thread, but this is basically an expression of amazement)

    Also – you (and Alyssa) will be horrified to hear that in England there is such a thing as “Mushy Peas” that people actually love and eat willingly. People like the guy I’m married to. It tastes exactly how it sounds. Terrible.

  5. mmmm i LOVE peas! When i make indian food, i put the peas in my basmati rice! Just make however much rice you want, throw in some turmeric to make it that fun yellow color while its boiling, and when the rice is done dump a couple of cups of frozen peas in there! The rice is so hot that it’ll cook the peas just the right amount.

    i’m hongry now.

  6. Mmm, I love peas too. But not mushy. Looks like you cooked them just the right amount.

    They are also really good roasted in the oven with some olive oil and spices (generous amounts of turmeric, cumin and garlic salt). They get dry and crunchy. Actually, almost any vegetable is good roasted in the oven, as you found with kale. I have cabbage in my fridge to roast tonight!

  7. Wow.. peas is really something I have to learn. As a mexican of course, every time I make “mexican rice” I add the peas. because it is a must and because they look pretty, but God I hate the taste. Like hate hate hate. Here in Holland they have a pea soup, for the winter and I can not stand it. Sugar snaps though, I can eat. Maybe I should give peas a chance….

    Mexican rice:

    Pea Soup (of hell) soft and mushy only good part is the sausage:

  8. Props to you! I try to be an adult and eat lots of veggies but PEAS are the one thing I have hated since childhood. Ewwwww.
    These comments are making me think maybe I’ve just never had them cooked right though?

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