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Even though I am getting married in 15 (!!) days, this right here, this space, is not a wedding blog. It has never been a wedding blog and it never, ever will be. I have true faith that you know where to go for that kind of content. What this is, though, is a space that reflects what is happening all around me at any given time. And also highlights bad ass artistry.

Say hello to Christy Tyler, photographer to the stars regular people who just happen to be awesome.

She may call herself a wedding photographer (she does do that, yes), but I think she is a photographer of life moments. She captures times in people’s lives. And these people might not be able to document it as well as she can, and these times may go by in a flash of a few months or moments and you need someone from the outside there to allow you to live it, and at the same time, capture it for.

Christy says:

My top objective is definitely to capture the couple (or family/children) exactly as who they are together… whether it be goofy/silly, funny, romantic, sensual… etc. Also, I realize all people are not one of these things or the other… most people (couples especially) are many of these things at different times, so I try to capture moments that shows all the different sides of who they are together. Focusing most importantly on capturing them as THEMSELVES and their love as it is everyday.

I think it’s really important to remember that photographers are not just people who shoot between May and September, and aren’t people who live and die by the veil. And Christy is a perfect example of how photography is a year round, life time journey.

Living with a photographer (who laments not taking more photos … all of the time) by hobby and education, I understand what a good photo can do. Even before I knew Kamel, I was madly jealous of people who actually had quality framed photos of important moments (even if they were just jumping into a pool, or a family reunion). (Too many of my important moments involved a self portrait.) Because important moments are not reserved for things that often accompany gifts and are followed by thank you notes.

I love knowing and cheering on artists just like Christy, artists who say:

Oh man. Well, I just want to do this all the time, without the restraints of a day job holding me back. I want to be able to support my family, but also have time to spend with my family. (Which I don’t have right now…) If I can document couples and families and give them photos that make them smile – that make them feel good about themselves… make them stop judging themselves for one minute, and just say… I am beautiful….  our love is beautiful…  our family is beautiful… whatever the case may be, I just want to make my clients FEEL GOOD. 🙂  If I could do that, and pay my bills – I’d be a happy girl.

And that, for sure, deserves support.

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