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As I’m writing this, the countdown for the last shuttle launch is on tv….. and there it went. Lift off.

Even though I don’t really care about space… I’m not one of those people who wants to leave Earth… ever. This is giving me chills. The Farewell flight of Atlantis feels like history. NASA is grounded and this may be the last flight we see indefinitely. And I just watched it leave Earth.


Today we are in massive do-mode. Sunday we leave San Francisco for Seattle and the next time I return I will be married. Kamel keeps telling me this. Again and again, a few times a day for the last few days. “Can you believe it, Lauren? This is it! Can you believe it?” And I can’t! In my head it’s this thing that I’m still planning for (cuz … yeah, i’m still planning) and still imagining and my imaginings are all a little fuzzy around the edges. Is that me I’m seeing in my head when I see the veil and the dress? Or is that some other woman I once saw in a magazine or 50?


Two days ago I made a clothing calendar because I am that neurotic. I realized that we needed to forecast 19 days worth of clothes with only 1 or 2 possible washes among them. And those washes would be small… probably just to make sure we have underpants. Which leads me to my next realization: I need more underpants. So, today that will be my mission.

In other news – did you know that Sports Authority has a bathing suit section the size of my thumb? And the only flip flops they sell are either crocs or orthopedic? And even Target let me down hard core with their selection of men’s board shorts. Of course, because it’s actually summer and you actually need swim wear and aren’t just stocking up during a season where fleece jackets are still necessary, the options are limited to 3 styles and only in extra small or extra large. Not helpful.


Tomorrow will be craft central with a touch of mad-dash cleaning and packing (made easier by the clothing calendar thankyouverymuch). Next week there will be posts like normal. I’m planning an excursion to the peninsula with Kamel on Tuesday, I have my hair/makeup trial on Wednesday (here’s hoping it doesn’t end in tears!! heh…), family dinner with Kamel’s parents and my parents on Thursday, then Friday is all about the rehearsal. It’s here. The festivities are about to begin. Sound the horns!

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  1. ahhhh!!! it’s happening!! I will probably be leaving a very similar message next Friday as well, but still right now it feels like it’s all happening so sooon!! yay for clothes calendar! booo for swimsuit selection.


  2. Ohh I am sending you here all the good vibes and energy and will be thinking of you. Just (finally) finished my scrapbook unofficial album about the wedding and all kinds of memories came by… running around with lists, but mostly, the arrival of my family, visiting with them, being able to be with my mom at her birthday.
    All this to say: enjoy every second, the family, the love, the joy, the preparations.
    And you will look beautiful. ItΒ΄s ok if you cry. The good thing about a trial, is that if you do not like it… she will just undo it and redo it until you both find that look that will make you YOU at your prettiest without feeling in disguise.
    So excited for you guys, sending love your way ! πŸ™‚

  3. 1. My very favorite-ist underwear are from American Eagle, but they don’t sell them anymore, so boo. Next on my list, though, are the simple cotton hipsters/boyshorts from Target! They’re $2 or $3 and come in an insane amount of colors and patterns. Plus, being from Target, they’re totally replaceable when they stretch out (as cotton ones tend to do). (For the record, if you go for these, I’m a small, even with my butt. Size DOWN.)

    2. AH! Bathing suits! I’d offer to mail you cute ones, but my tops would never fit you. Damn you and your boobs. =P

  4. SO excited for you Lauren! Can’t believe it’s here.. Maybe I’ll see you around Seattle, haha. It’s going to be a beautiful and wonderful day!

  5. Today is such a delicious internet day, and here you are charging off to go get married. Hooray!!!! Good luck with all your projects — especially underwear shopping. For some reason, that stuff is absolutely the devil. But, so cool to think when you come home again, you’ll be wifed. And the wedding will be behind you πŸ™‚ Have fun!


    Reef makes the most comfortable flip flops ever. No, really . . . I won’t wear anything else. Order them online, have them sent to Seattle and they’ll be there before you go away. WAM.

    1. I can confirm this.

      And wheeeeeee! Hopefully you will be on the interwebs later in the week but safe travels, good luck, yaaaaaaay!

  7. Just THIS morning on the train to work I started making a clothing calendar for our honeymoon. (Yea, I’m a little far out, but I wanted to see what new things I need!) Great minds, my friend. Great minds.



  8. CRUUUNCHHH TIIIMMEE!! Yipeeee!! We got Chads board shorts at Aeropostale. Are there outlets in Seattle? Those are jackpot! And for chonies too! πŸ˜‰

  9. Ok, if you hair and make-up trial makes you cry in a bad way please, pretty please e-mail me. I have an amazing friend who is the owner of her own little salon and is rad at hair and make-up. I will hook you up.

    If it makes you cry in a good way, I should show you my wedding pictures – I cried throughout almost the whole ceremony, but that was because it was perfect and beautiful. Hopefully you cry because you feel perfectly beautiful.

  10. I totally overpacked for the wedding and honeymoon. It was hard. I was able to pack the right amount of underwear, but totally packed more outfits than I needed.

    Sending so much love and good vibes darling!

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