This City, This Expensive City

I often say I can’t afford to fall in love with this city. I can’t. I can’t afford to love walking by Levi Square and hearing the green parrots fly over in a big bundle of squawks, or the Americana of Market Street, or all the rolling hills and slanted homes of Noe Valley. I can’t afford to love this city.

But I can afford street fairs. I can afford to love them. And I do.

I love the crowds. I love the booths. I love the smell of street fair food and the sound of street fair hubbub.

One year I got my cards read at the Haight street fair. They told me I was going on a long journey (two weeks later I was schedule to fly to Paris), that I had had my heart broken (Oh-ho-ho, yes I had), and that the love of my life was someone I already knew. I do not remember if I actually knew Kamel then. I probably didn’t.

But it didn’t matter at the time because it was magic. It street fair, in the summer, in San Francisco magic. And then she gave me her card and told me to call her and to set up weekly meetings so she could help me navigate my life. I looked for them this year and they were no where to be found.

You are a crazy city San Francisco, and I cannot afford to love you.

11 thoughts on “This City, This Expensive City”

  1. OMG SMOKED TURKEY LEGS?!!!! HELLS YESSSSS PLEASE!!! I <3 street fairs and festivals so much. And flee markets! How often is this one? We'd love to drive out and go with!

  2. So, can we do Bay to Breakers next year and then party afterwards? I’ll even convince Jon to come. =)

    Gotta love the street fairs! I can’t wait till they start up here again!

  3. Ahh, I cannot afford to fall in love with NYC myself. Especially because I would fall in love with the expensive parts. The townhouses in the West Village, the dinners at Michelin-starred restaurants, opening nite at the Met, the Costume Institute ball at the other Met. It’s like the city is a fancy coffee table book I can only afford to check out of the library.

  4. last time I went to a street fair in Seattle I inadvertently ended up with lots of naked wieners in my photos – I didn’t even notice them at the time. ohhhh festivals!

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