Taking One For The Team

Me: What if I pass out at our wedding?

Him: You won’t.

Me: What if I do?

Him: Then I will too!

Me: What??

Him: I will. I’ll hit the floor. Whatever happens to you, happens to me. If you trip, I trip. If you spill food on you, I spill food on me.

Me: Really? You would do that for me?

Him: Hell yeah. Have you ever seen that video of the bride who falls into the pool? And her husband is standing at the edge all, “oh no! what do I do!” as she flails around, soaking wet, dress and all. And the more the video goes on, the more you realize it isn’t funny. It’s sad. If that were you in there, I’d jump in too. That’s how you make that work. I would never let you be embarrassed alone. It’s our wedding, we’re a team.


30 thoughts on “Taking One For The Team”

  1. Awwwww… He’s right. That would be the best ending to that scene. Instead of everyone feeling sorry for the bride, everyone gets to feel happy and heart-warmy for the couple. With that kind of reassurance, you’re gonna rock the confidence at your wedding!

    1. You know what’s even worse than the groom not jumping in? The bridesmaids LAUGHING. Did you hear that?? I was like ohhh hell no. Those ladies better dive in too.

  2. haha aww! we got married in the afternoon and had a sort of after-party at our house. someone started barbecuing and somehow I got bbq sauce all over the bottom of my dress. I was riding the fine line between being extremely distraught and meh, at least the ceremony’s over when Brian took a handful of sauce and threw it on his own pants. matching bbq stains on our wedding clothes. true love.

    1. Fake or not, the sentiment remains the same for me.

      On that note … I had a good friend who fell in a fountain while they were all standing on the ledge taking her wedding photos. The photog was a genius and suggested everyone get in with her … and like champs they all did. Which made for some pretty fantastic photos … and lots of laughs when it would have been tears otherwise. =)

  3. Do you watch the office? Remember Pam and Jim’s wedding when she ripped her veil and then he cut his tie?! So cute! Same idea!

  4. Dude, emma sent me that video the day after we got engaged along with the comment: “HAHAHA”

    I wholeheartedly agree that the only way a disaster like that could turn out well is if everyone jumped in too. As your bridesmaid, i hereby promise to jump in a pool with you if you get knocked in. Or a fountain, or a bathtub. Whatevs.

  5. At the VERY LEAST, if that groom isn’t jumping in, he better be rushing around to the edge of the pool to help her back out. And then freaking hold her (still soaking wet) to calm her down. Eff this standing there flailing thing.

    Yay Kamel for being so we’re-in-this-together. =) Keep on rockin’!

    Since everyone else is chiming in with their own stories … at our wedding lunch, Jon dropped a sauce covered pepper in my lap. We have pictures of the look of horror on his face before he realized it had actually fallen on the napkin I had there. Better believe he would have been sporting food stains too, if I’d been. =)

      1. Sadly, they’re incredibly out of focus (which is why you never want to see ALL the shots a photog took of your wedding!). So, not worth sharing. But I’m sure you can imagine the look when he thought he’d just stained the front of my dress pre-photos.

  6. Too. Sweet. This is why I love you guys, and why I’m so excited for you to be hubby and wife. Serious teamwork!

  7. This is so sweet 🙂 You lucky girl ! Kamel is truly your knight in armour :p And you won´t faint ! Here praying so that you don´t !

  8. Yay Kamel! He’s a keeper!

    Tales from married life: Stephen offered to go with me to change my name and when I got sad about having to retake my license picture, he said he would retake his too. Team Us, man, that’s what its all about!

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