Maris + Alex + Christy Tyler

You guys all know that my engagement is coming to a close in a few short weeks. So I will no longer be frolicking in the pool of wedding planning. Right?

Ohhhh snap. Did you just hear that record skip? Because just as my engagement is wrapping up, Maris’s engagement, of ye old usual suspects, is headed into full swing. So guess who gets to drool over insane DIY centerpieces that she could never pull off in a million years? That’s right. This girl. But this time without the added stress of it being my wedding. [Insert evil, maniacal laugh here]

I know some people think engagement photos are silly and a waste. Maris was one of those people who could have taken them or left them. And she was more on the side of leaving them. Maris says:

We probably wouldn’t have taken engagement photos if it weren’t for this opportunity.  My experience with professional photos are just the simple sitting in the studio, smiling at the camera and sitting on stools of different heights kind of thing, while Alex’s only experience was as a 7 year old with his family (where he had to pay his mom $5 for messing up a photo).  We both were afraid we were going to be awkward and look completely goofy in our photos.

Here is my argument for engagement photos, aside from it being a good way to start a report with your wedding photographer: It keeps engagement fun. Engagement is freaking hard. It is stressful, it is work, it is full of tears and hair pulling. Running around in nice outfits and having someone take photos of you and your goofy love-mate is fun. Especially if you get someone like Christy Tyler to snap photos of you. Because I wasn’t there – and boy do I wish I had been! – I sent Maris (and Christy) a bunch of questions to answer and think about before and after her photo session. If I can’t be there to experience an awesome vendor, the next (and only) best thing is for one of my ladies to report back.

Maris's Favorite Photo

When Maris announced her engagement, I have to admit that one of my first thoughts was to see if I could hook her up with Christy Tyler. I know Maris’s style, I had been reading Christy’s blog and keeping up with her on twitter and I thought it would be a really fun fit. I’m so relieved to report that I was totally right. Maris said:

She made us feel incredibly comfortable. Christy listened to our suggestions/requests while incorporating her professional touch. Also, she found really beautiful locations to just stop and take a couple of pictures as we were walking around. The entire process was a breeze and at the end, we could not believe we had spent so much time walking and shooting photos.


We absolutely love the photos!  When we received the pictures we ended up sitting on the couch, flipping through the photos, and occasionally yelling “oh my god I can’t believe how amazing these are!” at each other.  The best part about these pictures?  I’d say 80-90% of the pictures of the two of us from the last 7 1/2 years were taken by Alex (with his arm outstretched and our faces crammed into the shot).  We finally have some amazing pictures that I would love to frame and put all around our home and my office!

The first time I saw these pictures was yesterday, when Christy sent me the zip file full of all the photos she was going to use on her blog post, also going live today. I wanted to wait until I saw what she had chosen as her best stuff. I wanted to see what the vibe was that she was rockin’, not the one that I would create by looking through the entire file Maris received. And you know what I saw? A perfect representation of Maris and Alex.

Alex's favorite photo

Maris and Alex are, all at once, goofy and romantic and serious and beautiful. And what I’ve noticed about Christy Tyler’s work, in general, is that she goes into a shoot, not with a bunch of cameras and photo tricks, but with an honest eye that is willing to be patient and find the real you through photos. And she succeeds every time.

My Favorite Photos

I knew going into the session that Maris and Alex were kind of hesitant. Maris didn’t want to look bad in the photos, and Alex had never done anything like this before. They were worried they’d be stiff, awkward, stupid. And I knew they wouldn’t be, but I had to wait to for them to find that out on their own.

Before Christy did this shoot, I knew she was good because I’d seen her other work, I’d read about her passion. But I know Maris and Alex, and seeing how well she captured them, I realize Christy Tyler is really good. Plus, she made the experience comfortable and fun, and in my world that’s the whole point of engagement shoots, right?

Alex said: 

After meeting Christy to get to know her, I felt like things would be at the very least good. Christy did a great job with me, a professional photo-virgin. She made me feel comfortable, confident, and most of all, not stupid while doing things that would normally make me feel stupid in public. I would definitely recommend her.

Tomorrow we’ll be talking a little bit more about all of the other things Christy does, and what she has to say about all of this photo business. But until then, WOW these photos are amazing and I am unbelievably thrilled to be able to share them with you. Congratulations Maris and Alex!

19 thoughts on “Maris + Alex + Christy Tyler”

  1. Awwww thanks guys 🙂 We love the pictures, and had a ton of fun. and p.s. the shoes? SO COMFY. I walked all around downtown in those suckas.

  2. Yes to the shoes, YES to all the love shining through in these pictures and an oh hells yes to the always amazing Christy Tyler! Every time I visit her blog, I think “okay, today’s pictures are going to be fantastic, but there’s no way they could top the twin babies in the suitcase/the beautiful wedding in Mexico/the surprise NIGHT proposal” and then she proves me wrong EVERY TIME. It seems like every single event she captures really tells the story of the people in it. Which is why she’s my wedding photographer. Well, that and the fact that I really, really like hanging out with her. 🙂

  3. As a kid I remember Maris’ family being ALL ABOUT the family portrait so I can imagine her hesitancy. These look fantastic! The semi-candid (I mean how candid can it be when you pay someone to take your photo) of them eating ice cream… great.

    Congratulations Maris and Alex!

  4. Ahh, these are so gorgeous. Just so classic and glow-y. Go Christy!

    Everything Maris said perfectly echoes how I felt about engagement pics. So much so that when I post ours tomorrow, I’ll prolly just link back here.

    (And the bit about Alex paying his mom $5? Priceless.)

    Yay for Maris and Alex!

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