I’m living in a world of mad-dash over here. Running to and fro, trying to finish up big projects at work before I leave it, trying to keep up to date with all of my APW to do lists, remembering to do a bunch of time-sensitive (because dude… it’s a matter of WEEKS) wedding things, and still function as human beings where we eat and sleep and have clean socks.

The bachelorette party was kind of adorable. There was a gaggle of ladies all getting dressed and running from room to room, doing hair and makeup. There was champagne and dancing, and silly bachelorette card games with points. There was a bar filled with the oddest group of men, and very few ladies, where we were totally free to jump around and act a fool without feeling like we weren’t cool enough. Oh we were cool enough, let me assure you. The weekend was silly, and fun, and did not involve a lot of sleep. It was also exhausting, and left me way behind and racing to catch up, with no energy to do so.

And it also left me with a crazy-ass desire to just effing get married already. Let’s do this thing. No more get-togethers, no more parties or wedding related shenanigans. I would like it to happen now, please. Time to walk down the aisle, time to get there, time to finish this. And only 20 something days to go.

I had lots of bloggy related things to do this week. And I’m hoping I can get to them, but if not, hold tight. I plan on writing up until the wedding and then having a gaggle of guest posters. (Wee!) But if things are a bit spotty for the next few weeks, just know it’s because the programs needed to be handled, or the books needed finishing, or Kamel and I are still working out the kinks in his new commute, or maybe we had a screaming match over who is going to go to the grocery store because neither of us has time. You just never know the fun the next few weeks could churn out.

But you know what, I never really know what you guys are up to. What’s going on in your life? What happened this weekend? Are you still recovering on this Tuesday morning? Are you feeling productive or sleepy? It’s the solstice! What are you going to do with your extra day light? Tell me a story.

36 thoughts on “Mad-Dash”

  1. Well, I had the most interesting dream. Actually, it’s so much that the dream was interesting, but the fact that I had it was interesting.

    It was an anxious dream. You would think it would be about my dissertation project, right? No. Or maybe an anxious dream about starting my internship with no clothes on. Nope. It wasn’t even about wedding planning or guests lists which are at the forefront of our minds these days.

    No, I dreamed that I went to the Verizon store to buy something and didn’t purchase (or bring) the Verizon Groupon that was offered yesterday.

  2. First off, I’m highly irritated that it’s the solstice and we’re having an overcast rainy day. Way to miss the point, weather! ::grumbles::

    This weekend? Well … if ever there was a lesson to just buy the damn plane ticket and go the party, I learned it this weekend. Saturday morning, bright and early, I had grand plans to GET. SHIT. DONE. I’m in the kitchen with Jon, grab something out of the fridge to make breakfast, and knock a magnet off the fridge. As I bend down to pick said fallen magnet back up, the loving husband decides it’s a good time to open the freezer. You know what’s coming next.

    Hello corner-of-the-freezer-door, meet my head. As hard as you possibly can.

    NO. GOOD.

    Needless to say, breakfast didn’t get made. I spent the rest of the weekend curled into a little ball on the couch, whining about my hurt and sleeping off a minor concussion. Not what I’d intended.

    I DID, however, get Jon to go buy new paint for the bathroom. Little victories.

    I’m so, so glad you guys had a blast after everything. Hooray for good friends and fun times! And dancing in almost empty bars. BEST. EVER.

    1. Holy fuck. What the eff is that?! That is the worst ever! And it always feels like the hand of god came down and smacked you out of the blue when you jam your head. Mostly because there is no way you can see that shiz coming.

      At least you had a full on excuse for laying about. πŸ™‚

      1. Right?!

        I’m ok though. No vigorous brushing of the hair for a few days, but I’ll be just fine.

        In the meantime … more lying about. =)

  3. I’m in very rainy Glasgow, it doesn’t appear to have even got light today. I’m also very sleepy as my wonderful boyfrined slept in for his train and asked me to drive him to the station…at 5.45 am! Hope that commute’s working out for you both!
    Good luck with wedding-ness, can’t even imagine what it’s like to be on the weeks countdown, I’m slightly scared that mine’s less than 6 months away

    1. I really got a shocker when I looked at our registry and it informed me that we had dipped below the month’s mark. LESS THAN A MONTH?! For something I’ve planned a year for?! I must admit, my first feeling was : SCARY.

  4. My husband and I took our cat MacGyver on a mini-vacation this weekend, to my parents’ cottage an hour away for Father’s Day. We were nervous about it, but he was really excited to go on a car ride and explore a new place. I am a very lucky cat mama.

    Good luck with all your wedding stuff! My wedding was at the end of last July, and I’m so glad this summer isn’t full of wedding stress. Just moving and starting a business stress. πŸ™‚ Anyway, 20-some days will go quickly, your wedding will be GREAT, and then you can move on to writing more and other stuff.

  5. It was my birthday on Sunday πŸ™‚ And Mark is the sweetest…. while we were asleep he disappeared for a while, I noticed and asked him what happened. He explained he had belly pain. Got worried. Asked if he wanted some tea. Turns out he had decorated our whole living room, with little colorful flags and balloons and even made a sign that said “Hoera, Amanda is jarig”. Then he took me out for breakfast… and the rest of the day we visited family and I talked to my parents and sister over Skype, and we remembered childhood silly songs and I got a book full of recipes for cupcakes πŸ™‚ So… still excited, specially because as much as I loooove the fuss, Mark not so much.
    Good luck with the busyness, time will fly and before you know it your wedding day will be here and you will be a Mrs. πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks πŸ™‚ It is funny… really wish we could meet, feels like we’ve been friends for a while… is it weird or what…

  6. I am trying to enjoy my last three weeks of our two month adventure and not focus on freaking out that we will only have 10 days to find a flat and move in before starting work.

    This weekend involved a long boat journey across Lake Titicaca so we could finally get to Peru and then spent some time going to the floating islands on the lake. Rough life I know!

  7. YAY for Bachelorette Party Madness! I cant wait to see pics! πŸ™‚ We were supposed to have family up on Saturday, so we woke up super early, spent the day busting our asses to get the house in tip top shape for guests (cuz we all know theres no need unless people are gonna see it right??)..just to have them change plans on us and not come over. Womp. Had I known, I couldve made a guest appearance with you guys! Sigh. But at least I get to catch up with you guys next weekend, right?! Weee! Cant WAIT!

  8. I’m sitting at the airport three hours early for a flight…. I took a ride from my husband on his way to work instead of taking bart because that sounded awful… but now that I’m here and I have THREE hours to kill at SFO, bart doesn’t sound so bad. I think in about two hours I’m going to be like boredboredboredomgboredboredboredomg.

    1. oh man. airports. I always think I’ll hate the time in them, but then I find myself mesmerized by the limbo of it all. Not here, not there… just between.

  9. We went to a wedding last night and I’m still basking in the wedding afterglow. So stick that feather in your hat, you’re super close.

    I’m so glad it’s sunny today (sorry guys) because we’ve had a non-stop week and a half and tonight I am just going to lie down. Actually, that’s totally a lie because we have laundry/dirty dishes/no food/a pig pen of an apartment.

    Yay sun! πŸ™‚

      1. Aww, thanks! I had tears too. Only some of them were from the gnats that tried to eat me the whole time… But seriously, I highly recommend sunrises now.

      2. Those are FREAKING AMAZING. And I def think sunrises are way better than sunsets. Sunrises are not cheesy. Sunsets are cliche, but sunrises have magic inside.

  10. I am celebrating solstice by bitching about solstice! It was 80 degrees with NO wind on my ride this morning so now I feel like I am melting!

    I have to admit, of all the bachelorette parties we ran into on saturday, you were the least cray-cray and the most fun! I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about getting swallowed by your veil…

    1. oh god, me too- and i’m especially glad we vetoed our original staple-a-veil-to-a-sombrero idea πŸ™‚ i think the flashing ring and the mug were JUST enough!

  11. Oh man, apartment hunting is eating up our lives. Every place we’ve looked into thus far has either 1) had no openings, 2) had someone else already put in an application, or 3) been absolutely awful. I keep having panic attacks at the idea of being homeless in a month and taking it out on poor Jason. πŸ™

    In other news, I’m getting a much-needed haircut tomorrow!!!!

      1. Yup! We were really set on the Emeryville area (more space for the same amount we’re paying now, BART-accessible to the city for Jason’s work, lots of friends live there) but it’s like a wasteland of listings at the moment so now we’re casting our net a bit wider and thinking about staying in the North Berkeley area or possibly moving to Rockridge. I hate the uncertainty. Hate hate hate!

  12. We’re at 12 days until our wedding and I started freaking out today. The butterflies have not left since I woke up. Tonight I will be assembling programs like I did last night and getting high off of rubber cement fumes.

    But I am right with you on being ready for the wedding. Let’s get this mother effing thing on the road already, please!

    I can’t wait to hear more about your bachelorette party. Will you share the details?

    1. mmm probably not. There weren’t a ton of photos so it would be mostly like “mmm bacon, potato goat cheese pizza!, then ladies running around 1/2 dressed curling each other’s hair, champagne! dancing! wow, sweaty… strange foreign men who do not understand what a bachelorette party is, more dancing, awake till 3 talking about periods, more bacon.” hahaha.

      AND 12 DAYS!!! AHHH!!!!! I can’t wait to hear more about THAT.

  13. We had another earthquake last night (one of the thousands of aftershocks we have experienced since a big (7.1) earthquake in September) It was centred 4km from my house and my husband is away so there was not a lot of sleeping going on in my house last night!

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