Lust List: Let’s Kitchen

I have been obsessed with the kitchen for the last few weeks. I don’t think anyone here is shocked by this. Last night we had an onion, potato, green bean, goat cheese scramble for dinner last night. In this house scrambles are our favorite way to eat veggies we don’t know what to do with. Are you sick of my vegetable talk yet? Ha! TOO BAD! No, actually let’s talk kitchen gadgets. Because shopping is still more fun than cooking.

There are so many amazing dish towels, tea towels, or fancy cloth napkins running around out there. These I love because 1) beer 2) different shaped letters. They are simple, and fun, and perfect for every day or a fish and chip get-together. Also, it reminds me of a story. When Kamel’s sister was still living in the city, we would head to happy hour, or pick up some beer on the way home before watching movies and eating chinese. One day, while we were scoping out what was on tap, she mentioned she would like an Eepa. Eepa, I thought. What the eff is an Eepa? And then it hit me – IPA. And you can get your very own Eepa towels at NestaHome for $23.50 (for a set of 4!).

Check out these jugs. It’s the T and A set of beverage jars from Luis Caicedo out of NYC. More boobs and butts please. Especially on my table while having guests over. Yes please.

This is a wok. How freaking badass is that?! I have a thing for appliances or gadgets that I feel could get up and walk away. And in this case, I could totally imagine this wok suddenly sprouting eyes and having a nice long chat with me about russian literature or some other very high brow cultural element. Because this shiz, this shiz is classy. You can get this beauty at A + R Store, one of my favorite places to look for unique gifts.

I don’t know what else to say about this except: GENIUS! Freaking fan-tastic. And it’s another A+R find, and you can get it here, for $8.50.

I have always, always, always loved fabulous cutting boards. And these are spectacular. Red Onion Woodworks uses salvaged wood to create these amazing works of art, that just happen to be crazy useful. You can buy this one, here for $78.00! Yes to supporting beauty, yes to supporting salvaged goods.

Happy kitchening!

8 thoughts on “Lust List: Let’s Kitchen”

  1. Eepa. ::giggles::

    In other news … I have been lusting over that pasta portion sizer for SO LONG. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to getting it. Now, if someone could just create them for oddly shaped pastas, I’m SET.

  2. ooh love the PoRteR towel..!! 🙂

    man I love kitchen stuff. too bad I have the tiniest kitchen known to man. no more Things for me for a while. but I totallyyyyy think you should get the T and A servers. obviously.

  3. Ok, the T&A pitchers are fantastic. They remind me of a gift someone gave my dad once – it’s a pitcher in the shape of a giant breast. Said pitcher is actually flesh-colored with a gold nipple that is the pour spout. For some reason the artist/creator decided to class the whole thing up with little images that look like possibly tattoos of cowboys & indians on the flesh-colored part of the jug. I’d prefer the clear glass versions, but the gold nipple was a nice touch.

    I love kitchen stuff, the one time my husband actually wanted to shop more than me was when we got to spend wedding money in the kitchen section of an amazing outlet store. It was all I could do to pull him out of there! (Your wedding is almost here – yay!)

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