I Am Not Ready

I am not ready for Monday. I am not. I woke up later than usual, I rolled around in bed for a bit, procrastinating. Kamel was up and around and I was a lying under the covers like a star fish. Monday, I am not ready for you.

This weekend was the perfect combination of running around, much needed girl time, and lazy-assness. While I was out drinking wine and laughing about our life-mates with a gaggle of ladies, Kamel was king of his kingdom at home, watching movies and puttering around. When he walked down to our neighborhood Walgreens, the guy behind the counter called him out on his alone-ness.

“She’s out tonight?”

“Uh. Yeeaaahh.”

“It’s alright, she’ll come back.”

My response to this: Holy shit the people at Walgreens know us? And as a duo at that? I’m mildly embarrassed and also kind of impressed.

On Sunday we did nothing (ok, I worked a little… but generally we did nothing). You know how long it’s been since we’ve done nothing and had no pressure to run around the city doing a million things? Probably a year, without exaggeration. We stayed in bed, Kamel made breakfast and then brought it back to bed, we thought about maybe going to Target, then decided we could live without it, we played video games, then I fell asleep for another two hours. When we got up it was only to get lunch. We did some wedding craft projects, watched some TV, made mac and cheese for dinner. Monday, I am not ready for you. I want to go back to Sunday.

So, in honor of Wow I am not ready for Monday Day. I’m going to move a little slower, be a little kinder, a little more understanding to others, I’m going to take it easy at work, keep my expectations low, and just roll with it. I am not ready to join the world of the movers and the shakers, but if I have to, I’m gonna ease into it.

17 thoughts on “I Am Not Ready”

  1. OH GIRL. i feel you. monday came like…three days too early this week. also, when isaiah were living long-distance, i used to have sprint which didn’t give me any reception at our house…so i would have to drive out to this abandoned parking lot to talk to him for hours and i would stop for cigs and juice and what not at the gas station on the way. i always thought gas stations were just…completely anonymous but one day i went in with no makeup on and the guy goes, “What happened to your skin?! Are you okay? You look really pale today…”

    Thanks, guy. Really.

    1. Right? And then, my entire 2 hour commute my car’s turn signal is on rapid fire clicking right now… and it’s turning out to be the most ANNOYING SOUND IN THE WORLD. clickclickclickclickclickclickKillMe.

      Today, you are stupid.

  2. This is one of the things I love about NYC — the random vendors and such who know me. I used to be able to walk in to the coffee shop in my old neighborhood on any weekday morning, give a bleary, “merghjgdg” and hand over my mug, get it filled with my coffee of choice. I just handed over exact change and was out of there with no coherent human interaction. It was the best. I love your Walgreens story πŸ™‚

  3. My corner guy in SF totally knew me. And knew Jeff. And I don’t think he knew Jeff didn’t technically live in SF because he’d ask about him sometimes (“Where’s your boyfriend? How is he doing?”).

    Actually, when I first moved to my apartment he was the only friendly face I saw on a consistent basis. He’d compliment me a lot (“You have such nice hair!” and “Hi, beautiful!” when I walked in…), which I think was a tactic to make sure I kept coming back. Do I need some chips and a compliment? Yes, probably. Off to the corner store!

    I think it was the long weekend last weekend that’s making this Monday particularly hard to take.

  4. I found the start of this Monday particularly hard too. Happily, Monday has been pretty kind to me today. I hope it’s being as gentle with you!

  5. Yeah… Monday mornings are hard. I do love how just before waking up we hug and cuddle.. And how I love lazy Sundays !

  6. I thought this particular monday would be awesome!! and then I walked into a pile of super fresh cement and not only embarrassed myself, possibly ruined my favorite sandals. eff you monday!! you find a way to ruin BIRTHDAYS. >:-o

    let’s all just ignore that I was so super oblivious that i walked.into.fresh.cement.

    1. Happy Birthday Honey!!!

      And dude – one time, while walking to work and standing at a crosswalk waiting for the light to turn, I watched a douchey business man, on his cell phone and shiny business man shoes, walk RIGHT into wet cement with construction workers all around and everything. He walked out of his nice shoes and ruined his suit and everything.

      You are not alone. There are douchey business men everywhere ruining their suits as we speak. And you know who I give all my sympathy to? You. Because… they kind of deserve it. πŸ™‚

      1. hahahah take out “douchey business man in a suit” and insert “me” and that’s EXACTLY how this happened. except I wasn’t even on my phone! it was a construction zone with signs and everything.. there just wasn’t a cone Right in front of this particular section of fresh cement, I was looking straight ahead instead of DOWN and shloop. ruined their day. ha. but THANK YOU for the birthday wishes and the sympathy. πŸ™‚

  7. I woke up today thinking it was going to go GREAT … and then 3:30 hit. ::snooze:: Thank God work’s almost over, so I can work out …. and then go to dinner (bible study what?) … and then back home to install/organize my closet.



    As for the Walgreen’s guy knowing you … I kind of love that. Back in SoCal there was a hole-in-the-wall Chinese place I went to about once a week. They knew me well. In fact, when I moved, I went back during a visit and they said “What happened? Why haven’t you come in lately?!” Crazy. The other one was my nail salon. A FULL YEAR after moving I went in for a pedicure before the wedding … and they knew me, knew which technician I preferred, and that I had a “cute boyfriend” that’d I’d brought with me once.


    So, you know, just embrace it. His answer to Kamel was freaking adorable, in any case.


  8. Gah, Monday here was a public holiday, Tuesday (today)? Sucked balls.
    SO SLOOOOOOOOOOW. And the button popped off my pants when I went to the gym after work, so I should be fixing that rather than reading this…
    Gotta go.

  9. I thought of you this weekend. I was in Oakland for a water polo tournament and I kicked myself that I was that close to meeting an online person face-to-face for real, and was unplugged for the weekend. Hopefully Tuesday has improved your week.

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