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I am bouncing on the couch while I type this because I am so excited to talk about Lee and Read Write Books. But I’m getting ahead of my self because this story starts waaaay back a year ago when I was flipping through Martha Stewart Weddings (the devils guide to amazing how-tos that you think will be easy but then turns out they are TORTURE) and I saw alternatives to guest books. And one of them were books, each posing a question to your guests, one for each table. And I thought: yes.

Fast forward to a few months ago and I am dragging my feet on all things wedding detail related. Ugh, the details. They start to weigh on you like Bob Jacob Marley’s Chains, I tell you. And Maris, being the go-getter that she is, was pestering me (in her “Lauren, get shit done” way) about those damn details. And when I told her about the book idea, she was on it. She proclaimed she would make them. Yes. She would make them. Maris. The first time I met Maris she had burns on her arms from trying to cook when the grease splattered onto her. Maris and glue, I can only imagine.

So after one solid attempt, and a slight book making disaster (though, to be totally honest, I liked them way more than Maris did… except for the graph paper insides), Maris sent me a link to Lee’s etsy page Read Write Books, (a solid hint if I ever saw one) where I immediately fell in love with true craftsmanship. These were not simply bound pages, but art, from someone with way more skill than Maris and I combined.

And, though Lee didn’t have full stock for making what I originally wanted (8 books, all the same bright yellow), she helped me create something even better. She was totally open to custom work, able to offer suggestions and brilliant input, and turned this project into a joy and a relief, when it really could have been a ball of stress and disappointment.

I wanted to write (print or stamp) a question on each book cover, to be placed on 1/2 the tables and then have the books switched by the bridesmaids at some point between courses. And Lee suggest writing themes on these adorable labels she has, and then printing the questions on the first page inside the cover.

And then, because Lee didn’t have enough of the original yellow book Maris had spotted on her site originally, she was totally ok with making 4 yellow books, with different shades, in different fabrics. This gave each theme its own flavor, and created a beautiful set of books for Kamel and I to flip through on many, many anniversaries to come.

I find etsy vendors to be fairly stressful, especially when to comes to the wedding. I never quite know what I’ll be receiving because, let’s be honest, pictures can be deceiving. Sizes can be wonky, quality can be jacked. I’ve had some oh-no-you-didn’t etsy experiences. I’ve also had vendors who don’t ship things for months and have me wondering if I’m being ripped off. But not Lee and Read Write Books. She made this so easy. She shipped the books lightening fast, way faster than I thought she would, and kept me in the loop every step of the way. When I was lax on getting back to my etsy conversation (I’m busy, I lose my mind, emails get lost in my mount of an inbox), she emailed me directly. It was perfect. I felt like a team.

Which is exactly why I asked Lee to come on as a sponsor. Her books are not only amazing wedding table guest books, but also amazing gifts for avid note-takers, list makers, writers, and doodlers. So don’t be shocked when you start getting rectangle packages in the mail from me. Now that I know where to get quality, custom books, I just can’t be stopped! And please send some love Lee’s way. She has really made getting the last details of the wedding put together a breeze. Honestly, I think supporting her business is the best wedding planning decision I’ve made so far…. besides saying yes.

*Kamel and I will be doing a fun project with these books in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for part II.

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  1. hooray!!! and thank GOD i know when to just say “no. I am not crafty. Epic fail.” Especially because Alex came home and took one look at me with glue and paper stuck all over my hands, hair, and various parts of my body and just started laughing.

    So, hooray for etsy vendors coming to the rescue, and HOORAY for those amazing looking books! You best recognize that I WILL be chasing people down and making them write in them. And I will be hovering over them for grammar and spelling mistakes…

  2. Oooh, those are gorgeous! I love the different fabrics! And I love the packaging! That was one of my favorite things about the etsy sellers that I worked with for our wedding–in addition to creating gorgeous things, they all did such a nice job of presenting their lovely wares.

    1. I agree!! The packaging with etsy is always this little bonus of awesome. AND so often they throw in other things (cards, or small freebies). Love love.

  3. I know exactly what MS feature you’re talking about and also had a total drool/lust experience.

    Lee’s work is incredible. Totally beautiful and something I could easily see becoming a family tradition. Enjoy! They are gorgeous!

  4. ooh! I love blank books, but I like the idea of specific topics even better! Those are gorgeous and look really well made. Good find! (I also kind of want that pink envelope w/the printing on it…)

  5. When I was a little girl, on my first day of school (which happened to be my 7th bday) my mom gave me a custom made book. I should mention I’ve always loved attention and feeling special and in the spotlight more than anyone I knew, so to have my name in a book? I was in heaven!!!

    This totally reminded me of that. What a great sponsor!!! Sounds like the best belated grad present I could ever think of for Ry!!!

    Welcome Lee 🙂

  6. Ooh, handmade books…yum. Personally, I’m digging the Forests of the World stationary. Tempting, tempting…

    And what great guestbooks they are going to be! So many great guestbooks ideas out there, it’s so hard to pick just one…

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