Goodbye May, Hello June!

I could have posted yesterday, I could have. But then I realized it was still May. And May is not my month, apparently, so I thought… meh! I’ll wait one more day and it will be June! It’s June! And June has to be better than May. It must. There really is no way but up from here.

This last weekend was full of meeting friends I’ve never met. On Friday night the lovely Sarah (of Sarah_fae twitter handle) hopped on a bus and rode 9 hours up to San Francisco to spend the weekend with me and Kamel.

On Saturday we went to the beloved House of sweat Jump to get our bounce on.

Please excuse my Cheshire cat face. I have no control once you put me on a trampoline. It’s all goofy grins, red cheeks, pants slipping down to butt-crack-levels, and over enthusiasm. And then, just a few hours after this moment, we were unsweaty-ed and off to dinner with Sharon of pensyf (on twitter) and her husband, Jason. Who – let me tell you – are quite the attractive, charismatic couple. Having Sarah in town, then meeting up with those two, it became one of those dinners I didn’t want to end. (Even though Kamel was so wiped out from the jumpy house, he nearly fell asleep in his plate… poor Kamel.)

Then on Monday night we had dinner with our friends Kellam and Allister and (practically) their new baby… because Kellam is 2 seconds away from popping. And he definitely made his presence known with Kellam’s occasional discomfort. We gave them adorable monster slippers for the baby, and it felt very much like the end of an era. People moving on, people having babies, people (us) getting married.

Life is starting to move and change again. The waiting is almost over. And here it is, June!


34 thoughts on “Goodbye May, Hello June!”

  1. More like Sarah of the ever blurred photos and randomly missing limbs. (Seriously, where did my leg go?!) And WHY are we the only ones really jumping in all the photos? The rest of them are totally missing out.

    For reals though … I had a blast. An absolute BLAST. What a wonderful weekend! You guys are fabulous hosts, and really, just awesome people. And so … I keep you. For always.


  2. Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA.

    You took Sarah to a giant bouncy gym?

    How in the HELL am I supposed to compete with her visiting in July with a GIANT BOUNCY GYM?!?

    We’re in a fight.

    1. If I remember correctly, you promised to find me a margarita as big as my head.

      I’d say you both win, but really? I’m totally the winner here. I get to see you BOTH!

    2. dude. you have BBQ, Pie, and a dog. I know Kamel and I are undeniably sexy, and therefore have an undeniable allure, but… nothing beats BBQ.

  3. I’m mostly just all kinds of jealous about all these APW community love.

    Also, Lauren, Sky High Sports in Bellevue is just like this and

  4. Yay! So sad to have missed the giant trampolines (though, let’s be honest, I would probably die in that place…), but it was great meeting you, Kamel, and Sarah! We definitely need to hang out again sometime. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh how I would love to meet all of you APW people too ! If ever you come to Holland you have a tour guide πŸ™‚ and we can have some tea and cake ! And yay for June, it is my favorite month, summer really starts!

  6. I still want to go to the House of Jump! NEXT TIME! Those photos are hilarious and fun.

    Also, can you please put Minnesota on your travel list? I mean, yeah, Mexico and the UK are great and all that, but the midwest is totally up there, too! πŸ˜‰

    1. We need to do a whole tour of the midwest (meaning Min and chicago, really). I really want to go to a baseball game! And see your house! And hang out with your family!! Or maybe we can meet in the middle (like vegas). πŸ™‚

      1. Yes! You must come and go to a Twins game and we’ll go out for drinks with Vanessa and you can meet assorted family, etc. etc. It’d be fun!

        Unless it is winter and then it’s Vegas or other sunny, poolside locale… πŸ˜‰

  7. yay for june! woot for new friends. i would like it very much if you would visit texas. not tempting? it’s okay…it’s not for me either.

    1. I have big plans for texas. BIG! (not really, but I want to have them.) My whole life is Pre wedding and Post wedding at this point. Kamel doesn’t know this yet, but i’m planning on doing more solo traveling Post wedding. I love traveling alone, even though I miss Kamel. And if I don’t come visit soon Alyssa may stop loving me.


    Namely, because we get to get our sexy girl drink on!!

    Like everyone else here- the green eyed monster is coming over me and I am feeling so needy!! Take me to the bounce house!!!

    1. hahahahahahah I want everyone to come to the bounce house! Although, I do turn into a tomato, so be prepared for that. Sarah can vouch.

  9. You have friends named Kellam and Allister?! What kind of magical 19th century British novel do they inhabit?!

    And ditto, to what everyone else is saying. Yay new friends. Jealous of Sarah’s Tour de APW. Want to visit. Want to House of Bounce.

    Woot June!

  10. Lauren….you have the coolest followers. Please take me with you to meet them all. I will fit in your suitcase. And i will pay you the fee for oversized baggage. Xo.

    1. Right?? They are pretty badass.

      And yes. We could go on a world tour! That would really be something to write about: My life in a suitcase as a carry on.

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