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I’m not going to lie. I just can’t stop thinking about food. I’m obsessed. The more kitchen things we get from our registry, the more I want to use them. But it’s more than that. Counting my fruits and veggies every day has become a game. (Yesterday = 1 V8 fusion with 1 serving of fruits and veggies each, 1 apple, and 1/4 of a butternut squash.) A game I want to win! I want to beat my stupid texture issues and my stronger desire to eat doughy things over green, leafy things. I want to stop buying veggies and then throwing them out after a week. The madness has to end.

So last night, I decided Beets were going to be had. And I was going to roast them. Thanks to the lovely Christina who said: Beets. Get a few. Cook them on a sunday. (wrap in foil, set on a baking sheet, cook at 350 for like 45 minutes or until you can slide a fork through them. Then peel them. Let them cool and stick them in the fridge for another day.) Then, on a weeknight I douse them in a simple vinaigrette and shallots, bake them for like twelve minutes so they caramelize. Add them into a salad while they’re still warm and add goat cheese and toss… and seriously. You get the BEST weeknight meal full of goodness. The cheese melts all through the salad. Add a big slab of toast and yummmmm.

Through these posts, I’m realizing remembering that making the time to cook these items is way simpler than I have built it up to be. And with veggies, it’s kind of hard to eff it up, because if you do, you can just adapt it to being something else.

I did actually forget the part about sauteing in chalets after roasting until just now when I re-read Christina’s comment. which sounds DELICIOUS. So I’ll have to try that next time for sure… or with the other batch of roasted beets I have chill-illin in my fridge.

Beets are the hearts of the vegetable world. After they are cooked, the peel slides right off and leaves a fleshy, bleeding mess. Even right now while I’m typing, my fingers are still died red, but I’m pretty fascinated by it and not at all grossed out. I exclaimed many, many times that, “DUDE, it’s like I’m holding a real HEART!” Probably not at all, but one can imagine.

Juicing For Health Dot Come says :

Beets are loaded with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C.  The greens have a higher content of iron compared to spinach.  They are also an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, sodium and iron.

While the sweet beet root has some of the minerals in its greens to a lesser degree, it is also a remarkable source of choline, folic acid, iodine, manganese, organic sodium, potassium, fiber and carbohydrates in the form of natural digestible sugars.

Its iron content, though not high, is of the highest and finest quality that makes excellent food that is blood building.  This renders it highly effective in treating many ailments caused by our toxic environment and surrounding.

I added some garlic and herb whipped chevre and I think I’ll snatch up some walnuts at the corner store near work to sprinkle on top. And POOF! Lunch. They were hanging out in the oven while I ran around and did laundry and worked on a bunch of other stuff, they took two seconds to cut in half and pop into the fridge, and this morning I chopped them up while Kamel worked out in the living room. I call this a vegetable success.

Next up! Kale chips.

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  1. YAY! I love beets. Even from a can. I grew up with them (and scrubbing our purple died plates after dinner), and think they are absolutely delicious.

    Jon thinks I’m crazy. Let’s teach him!

  2. I’ve never been brave enough to even near a beet. Buttt I guess if you are willing, I can too?

    The real stunner of this post: look at that glass storage bowl. Ooh la la!

    1. Def try them in a beat salad somewhere first. There is a really good vegetarian friendly palce called Plant in the Marina that makes an AMAZING beet salad. It’s good because you can mix in a beet with a bunch of over crunchy stuff and start out slow. 🙂

  3. And beware of other bright pink purple stuff that will get in your way . I have to try beets like this, my mom forced us to eat them, in a salad, and I .did. not. love. them. Quite the opposite, the only way I could stand them was by adding so much orange juice that all I could taste was the orange. Haven’t had one since. Maybe I should try again.

    1. I didn’t like beets until about a year ago because to me all they were were the scary purple russian food things I was forced to eat growing up. I discovered them on my own in a restaurant about a year ago and now I eat them at least once a week. I think it’s worth a try!!

  4. We ate a lot of beets growing up. Grandma and Aunt Doris would just boil them for ages, haha. That way suggested by Christina seems to add a lot more complex flavor.

    Plus, I mean . . . you had me at goat cheese.

    Beets are definitely on next week’s grocery list.

    1. I cannot WAIT to do a little saute with some other flavors. But today’s lunch turned out amazingly sweet. I added walnuts when I got to work and it was PERFECT.

      Also, we ran out of olive oil and I just used a shit ton of Pam, and it still turned out amazing… so I’m thinking it can only go up from here.

  5. Ohhh that makes me want to brave the beet. Ive never been a fan of beets, my mom swears by them…but i need to try them again as my taste buds change. Soooo KALE CHIPS!! After you cut them off the stem and into bite sized pieces, make sure to put them on parchment paper on the cookie sheet. And dont cook them too long, they burn quickly! I do like 7 or 8 minutes at 350. But it took me a couple batches the first time =/ I cant wait to hear how you like them!

          1. Is it wrong that this makes me WANT to eat beets now?
            And I’m scared of them, I have no idea what they taste like but they freak me out.
            But it’d be worth it for pink pee.

  6. Kale chips are THE BEST THING EVER! You’re gonna love them. They seriously make me eat an entire bunch of kale in one sitting. After which I feel a little guilty, before remember…hey, it’s kale!

    One tip–I’ve found it’s best to make sure you get ALL the water off of them from washing, otherwise they don’t crisp up as nice.

  7. Gah! I wish I’d read this before my trip to the farmer’s market. Next week it’s ON! (Even though I can never think of/hear about beets without thinking of Dwight Schrute.)

    1. Dear God, don’t look at Tastespotting if you have ANYTHING to do that day. Because you won’t get it done. You just won’t. You’ll want to stay home and make things and just eat and eat and eat until you die and are dead.

  8. I actually have a really quite good recipe for chocolate beet cake, though I suppose that sort of defeats the purpose of the healthy eating. I mean, it’s healthier, but there’s still sugar and, uh, cream-cheese-sour-cream frosting.

    Anyway! Kale chips! I know not everyone thinks this, but to me the key to success is the inclusion of rice vinegar. Good luck, can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  9. Alton Brown from Good Eats recommends wearing rubber (latex) gloves when working with beets to avoid the red fingers problem. 🙂

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