Face Lift

Yet another thing I have been waiting on, and I am now waiting no longer!

Things have gotten a little classier around here! Thanks to my good friend Allister, and many months of looking at proofs, tweaking, thinking, and discussing. The colors have been softened, the masthead completely re-done, and the sidebar has new borders.

I’m working on making this space super user friendly, super true to my vibe and style. I want it to be fun, thoughtful, and professional. Keeping it light and joyous was paramount. And the best part? You can now be Better In Real Life with this button!

I'm Better in Real Life

To post on your own blog just copy and paste anywhere on your site. It will click through to the home page here.

<center><a href=”http://betterinrealife.com”><img src=”http://betterinrealife.com/icons/button.gif” alt=”I’m Better in Real Life” width=”128″ height=”128″ /></a></center>

Today I officially give notice at work, and continuing moving forward into the next chapter of my professional life. I really hate giving notice… it is stressful and I always worry people will be upset or feel as though I’ve failed them… though that never actually happens. Thank you for being continually supportive of all the changes happening over here! There are more good things to come.

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