All Things Summer

Today at Better In Real Life it is all things summer. In a little bit I’ll be talking cheap summer fashion. CHEAP SUMMER FASHION! I want to sing it to the mountain tops it excites me so much.

Bit first! I am guest blogging over at A Safe Mooring. Kirsty is my UK doppelganger. She says all the things that we think, but never say out loud. And hell yes to that. Kirsty is on vacation in San Francisco this week! Which means hopefully I’ll see her soon. She asked a bunch of us, while she was away, to write about summer, and I did. This is draft 3. I had a really hard time writing about summer, but I am grateful to Kirsty for making me try because otherwise I probably would never have, and therefore we would not be having this awesome day ‘o summer over here.

So go check out Kirsty and A Safe Mooring! She’s really funny. You’ll like her.

3 thoughts on “All Things Summer”

  1. Oh now my first comment got erased. Here goes again….
    a). I was so happy to find you over at Kirsty’s this morning 🙂
    b). Doppelganger ? You mean you are also addicted to The Vampire Diaries?

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