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I’m having a bit of a blog mid-year crisis. I’m feeling that May just isn’t my month. I am bored. And not because I don’t have anything to do. I’m up to my eye balls in to-dos. But who wants to hear about that? The pile of laundry I need to wash? How we’re out of waffles and I’ve been forced to eat cereal for breakfast EVERY morning? I’m out of stories, I’m dull, everything I have to talk about is wedding related and unfortunately this is not a wedding blog. Eventually this wedding will be over and I’ll have work to maintain readers with wit, charm, and awkwardness alone.

Perfectly Tousled Hair.

I could tell you how I woke up this morning with perfect hair. How often does that happen? Like never. But I have to work out, so I can’t even take my perfect hair out in public. I’ll have to wash it and risk a blow dry. A blow dry that could go one way or another, who’s to tell?

I could tell you about the Verbena Sachets we picked up at the mall this week that are changing my life. My happiness factor sky rockets every time I walk into the apartment and smell lemons. “I smell LEMONS!” I say in an Oprah voice. “Kamel, I smell lemons!” I call to him from the bathroom. I want to buy a few more and pack my house with happiness so that every day it smells like a spa.

I could tell you about how I walked into work yesterday, shaking I was so angry. Physically shaking. But blogging is a lesson in restraint, and even though my mother thinks I share everything with the world, I know I really don’t. The hardest part about a public audience is knowing what to say and when, and knowing when you can never, ever tell a story. (Something that is incredibly difficult for me. A story? Not being told? Blasphem!) But there it stands.

I could tell you about the text I got from Maris last night. The one that told me she had just realized she had been wearing her underpants on inside out the whole day. The underpants with rhinestones on them so that now she has little marks on her. And then, how when I was getting changed this morning, I realized that … yup … I, too, had worn my underpants inside out for the entire day and the entire night. Winners, the two of us.

I have massive amounts of wanderlust. I crave adventure! Of running through an airport, carrying my shoes, so that I could catch a flight. Of jet lag and wandering around new cities with a map, of stopping in at new cafes and restaurants out of curiosity, not regularity. Oh new neighborhoods and freshly painted walls. Of road trips and uhauls and sleeping on a pillow jammed against the window in the front seat. Of playlists named by the states we will drive through, of diners, and cheap hotels.

Kamel is in the shower right now, whistling the song from the King’s Speech. There is something about hearing people sing in the shower that gets me right in the gut. Especially the epicness of that tune, matched with lather. It’s so incredibly endearing. It has a certain amount of intimacy, I feel honored to be included in. I used to listen to my mom sing in the shower, off key, while we were all getting ready for our day. Very sweet.

I could tell you all of these non-wedding related things, these boring life things, the list of all the things running through my brain. I could go on and on. But would you listen? Would it matter? My job is to take normalcy and spin a tale around it. Take a normal day of work, and dinner, and chatter and find the story, find the interest, find the funny and then share it with you. That’s my job. But then sometimes, my life is just not awesome, or not that shareable. It’s boring even me.

19 thoughts on “What Happens Next”

  1. For what it’s worth, I still enjoyed reading this!
    (and I also sometimes find out, to my chagrin, that I’m wearing my underwear inside-out :P)

  2. ohhhh the shame… but i paid EXTRA attention this morning, so its all good!

    I would just like to add, as a side note, that I can’t be held responsible for anything I do (or don’t do) before I have my first dose of caffiene in the morning. That includes the various stages of getting dressed.

  3. Maaaan I struggle with this when I write. Sometimes it’s so hard to hold back on things you want to tell, especially stories that you know would blow people’s minds… but you have to hold back on a public blog. It’s tough. Very tough for me to hold back because I’m not a real soft spoken person, haha. But I like getting peeks into your life, too! I try to let people in on mine sometimes, to get away from recipes and weight loss and healthier life. Otherwise I’d get burnt out on my blog.

    Speaking of which, I need to actually finish/publish mine.. but yeah, even the mundane things can actually be awesome to read about. You’d be surprised. šŸ™‚

  4. I wear my underwear inside out all the time too! Not on purpose of course. I guess this just means I’m not the most observant person in the mornings!

    The wedding is taking over my life too, and I have little else to talk about. It’s ok that this isn’t a “wedding blog.” You share what’s going on in your life, and the wedding is something going on in your life. You are allowed to post about it. I would even venture to say many of us would encourage you to post about it. We want to know what’s going on ā€” mundane or wedding, it’s all good if you are writing it.

  5. Umm i disagree with you. I quite enjoy hearing the random thoughts that go through your head throughout the day! It reminds me of when my gf’s and i used to write each other notes during class and them give them to each other in between classes. That was our soul entertainment that got us through the day and they sounded just about exactly how this blog went! Totally took me back šŸ™‚ Xoxo!

  6. you are brilliant. i love this post as much as any other. also, we just stopped being friends because you wake up looking like that and i wake up looking like this.

  7. Thanks you guys! I mostly worry that I don’t WANT this to become a wedding blog because weddings… well… they don’t last forever. haha. And then how do I keep people coming back? But it sounds like I should just keep plugging along!

    1. YES.It is what it is. I mean, this IS your life right now. You have a unique way of documenting it (that I personally like to witness). And afterward, you’ll still have the same way of documenting whatever is next.

      Carry on, please šŸ™‚

  8. Yep Lauren, random is nice. Also the wedding stuff is fun, but most of all I think we come back because you describe things in such a funny, real way. But you are not only funny, you are also serious sometimes. Maybe we can do some book suggestion sharing ? Or favorite authors…. I am pretty sure you love reading !

  9. this! exactly why i struggle with blogging. (well this, and the fact that my comp is SO busted right now and i’m too broke-@$$ to get it sorted.)

    this is also why i love reading your blog. it’s exciting, thought-provoking, wedding related, and every-day-ho-hum. it’s real. it’s lauren. it’s fab.

    so keep it coming friend!!! we’ll be here to gobble it up.

  10. Can I just say I have never seen anything as awesome as the visuals on that you-tube clip for that symphony?
    Thanks heaps šŸ™‚
    (and yes, that song is awesomeness too)

  11. My hair always looks best right before I have to get in the shower.

    I now want lemon sachets. (You ARE like Oprah!)

    And random or not, I <3 your writing.

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