Wedding Shower – Mad Hatter Style

One of the main reasons for the weekend jaunt to Seattle was our wedding shower. The first big wedding event (besides all of those meetings with the church and the Deacon) we’ve had the chance to participate in. I realize now what showers are really all about. They are the warm up. They happen so the family you haven’t seen in 10 years, but are still important to your wedding day, can all get together and catch up so that the day of is the opposite of awkward, so that the day of is joyful.

My lovely aunt threw a beautiful afternoon tea for as many ladies as I could cram into her home with the help of Maris and Claire (who supplied the champagne, good girls). There were amazing scones, little sandwiches, amazing jam, cream, three types of tea, beautiful place settings, the whole 9 yards.

Claire put together a “let me ask you questions so I can guess the name on this card that I’m not allowed to look at” game involving famous couples. My mother was Angelina Jolie and the room was divided on whether or not Angelina was good or evil (ok fine, it was totally swayed to the evil side). I was Kate Middleton and guess who Kamel was? I’ll give you a hint, it involves a lot of cheese.

Kamel was lovely enough to attend (in the cutest damn dockers you ever did see!) as the resident photographer. And when I see these photos, I don’t see an event where I got handed 100s of dollars in gift cards (for the home decor buying win!), I really see photos that may never ever happen again. Moments that are rare, and lovely, and remind me of where I’ve come from, of how many women I’m attached to, how many borrowed mannerisms I mistake as my own.

As much as these events can be things just to get through, the reality is they are rare, they are part of the send off, the ceremony, they are important.

Maris reading a silly Mad-Lib while my mother and grandmother listen in the back.

… And I am so incredibly grateful.

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  1. Bla, bla, whatever – the REALLY important thing is, where did you get that skirt??

    I’m just kidding – we don’t have wedding showers over here really, but if we did, I’d want mine to be exactly like this. Perfect.

    And I’d be wearing that skirt.

    (Seriously – where’s it from?)

    1. I had one! You should have a ‘I didn’t realise I was allowed to have a bridal shower, but hell I’m going to have one now because Esme said I could and it’s fun to have parties that are wedding related, but not actually the wedding and we can play silly bride-related games’ party, Kirsty!

  2. I’ve actually been thinking a lot of how my opinion of showers has done a complete 180 in the past few years. Somewhere along the line, I realized how much more they are about women connecting, remembering where they’re coming from & where they’re going, and preparing each other for the future, than they are about presents. I think that’s something we can all get behind.

    You perfectly capture that here, especially when you say, “I really see photos that may never ever happen again. Moments that are rare, and lovely, and remind me of where I’ve come from, of how many women I’m attached to, how many borrowed mannerisms I mistake as my own.”

    Also, I love your skirt. And your shoes. And this party. Perfect!

    1. You know, I really wanted my shower to be a lot like the Red Tent. A big lady party where I get all of this wisdom passed down to me and we all come together to connect. It wasn’t QUITE like that. It was a little more awkward, a leeeetle more forced. But! It made me look forward ot the wedding TONS. It started the reconnecting that happens around big family events when all of the extended people you only see at weddings and funerals pop up again. And THAT part of it was awesome. And then when I saw the photos I realized how fragile the older generation is, and how this may be one of their last big get togethers. And i’m lucky to have these momentos.

      1. You are so on to me – I just finished The Red Tent a few weeks ago. Glad this was a good chance for you to reconnect and look forward to the wedding (and maaaaaybe gain a little wisdom)!

  3. We do not have this “bridal shower ” tradition, but on the days leading to the wedding and after it , one of the things I really appreciated was spending time with the women in our lives (old and new) preparing the favors, running last minute errands, and after the wedding just enjoying the time together. It is the best memories ! Love your high tea party

    1. I am so entertained by everyone in other countires who don’t have showers and who are approaching it as a foreign concept. YAY differing culture!! It makes me feel so exotic. 😉

  4. What a wonderful shower! So glad you were able to appreciate the moment (which can be so difficult when caught up in all the wedding planning).

  5. Ok, this is just silly. You had a tea party Alice-in-Wonderland style shower?! Me too! Gah! I love this, I read your blog and just laugh at all the simple coincidences. So glad you had such a nice shower.

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