This Week’s Happies

We are just at the beginning of my favorite season. Every year I look forward to it, and every year it is just too brief. No, it is not summer, although that is nice too. The season I am referring to?

"Kamel, come here and take a picture of the nectarines!" "In your underpants?!" "PAN UP!"

Nectarine season!! Every year I wait to see them. The crunchy sweet, delicious cross between an apple and a peach. YUM! On Wednesday we went grocery shopping (we gave in a few days early from our week of bad food and went shopping before the weekend) and I thought “hm, I wonder if nectarines are in yet?” AND THEY WERE… just barely. So I bought 4 white nectarines and am now waiting until the bigger shipments come in before I go back to the store, dancing in the aisles, skipping about with my bags and bags or fruit. Ahh yes, if only life were a musical. About nectarines.

And then yesterday, you guys, we picked up a trunk full of boxes from the UPS delivery station. It was a bubble rap, paper, and cardboard box filled Christmas in May experience. Kamel’s parents had sent us bamboo cooking spoons, a 10 bowl set (of all different sizes), the rest of our wine glasses, and glass tupperware. Let me repeat that last one: GLASS TUPPERWARE.

We have wanted glass tupperware for a year now. And every time we go to target Kamel begs me to buy glass tupperware and I have to tell him no! Wait for our registry stuff to come first! He agonizes over our plastic ziplock tupperware. He HATES them. So now, we rejoice in easily cleanable, sustainable tupperware. Hooray!!

But that was not all we got. Christy Tyler of Christy Tyler Photography (who is also taking engagement photos of the one and only Maris and will be featured on the blog sometime in June!) sent us a Rabbit.

I continue to be blown away by the generosity of you all, and of the awesome relationships I’m building through the internets. I sit in my office (shh), or in my living room, or in bed, cheering you guys on through comments (when I can get comments to work!), through twitter or in my head. Marveling at how awesome I feel all your lives are (cuz you all have some kick as lives you’re living) and it still boggles me that maybe some of you are doing the same. Thank you Christy for this awesome gift, and for being so incredibly kind! The internet continues to rock my socks to the max.

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  1. Hahahah my first thought was that Christy got you guys a sex toy… Sorry Christy πŸ˜‰ I was like, you go girl! until I realized it was a wine thing.

    I’m so jealous of your glass tupperware.

  2. Oh man, let me tell you. Our Pyrex glassware was one of the gifts I was most excited for. That, and my salad spinner. I LOVE our Pyrex and rejoiced in being able to toss our plastic. Enjoy, darlings, because it is awesome.

    Registering and receiving gifts (from lovely, generous friends and family) made me realize how domestic I’ve become. Old Lady Me gets excited about fancy vacuums and blenders.

  3. I want your glass tupperware! Also, that is not what I was thinking of when you said “Rabbit.” πŸ˜‰ I love being surprised by how generous and awesome people are… weddings seem to bring it out, for some reason (I guess they can also bring out the crazy, so maybe that’s a fair trade).

    “Kamel, come here and take a picture of the nectarines!” “In your underpants?!” “PAN UP!”

    ROFTFLOL. That was great.

  4. I share your love of nectarines! I didn’t get enough last year, and was wholly disappointed! I know local Ohio season hasn’t started yet, but maybe the Florida ones have started to taste better… I miss living on the West Coast!

  5. Oh Lauren πŸ™‚ Yeah, with the wedding it “shocked” me in a good way how generous people are (with the wedding gifts). And I did not know how to put it (when I was writing a graduate post that did not make it to the web) without sounding all superflous and materialistic.
    You should do this with the nectarines (I did with peach) itΒ΄s a dream and sooo easy, you basically just need cream or thick yoghurt, brown sugar, cinammon and the fruit. And it is so nice because the cream kind of gelatinizes in the oven and the sugar turns into caramel:

    And hooray for the glass bowls and tupperware πŸ™‚ Gotta love glass because it is not porous and bacteria does not grow on it . Yay happy for you !

  6. I love nectarines. I am not a white girl though (even though I so am). I’m all about the orange nectarines? Whatever the ones are called with the orange flesh- I’m having one for lunch today!
    Glass tupperware=king of everything

  7. Delurking to say nectarine season is my favorite season too!!! I’m so stopping at the grocery on my way home from work to see if we have any yet πŸ™‚

  8. Ohhh… nectarines! Love them. One of my favorite ways to serve them (beside just eating them raw) is to make a galette – which is basically an open faced pie-like-tart. When you cut up the nectarines into slices and spiral them out from the center, not only is the dessert beautiful, it is delicious. Sometimes I throw some blackberries in the center to make it prettier. Mmmmm….

  9. So I’m late to the party here but um, I totally thought it was a sex toy.. and didn’t realize it wasn’t until I read the comments section, hahaha. I’m such a dork. What’s weird is that I could’ve SWORN I read the card next to it in the picture but evidently not well enough. Sorry, I’m sitting here in my office laughing because of what I thought it was, hahaha.

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