Numero Uno

We got our very first wedding gift last week. When Kamel told me something had arrived at his work, I raced to check our registry and lo and behold, a present was born. I was so excited I had that “I have to pee” sensation I always felt when playing hide and seek. Yesterday, we finally secured it on our counter. Weee!

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  1. Huzzah! Time to make cookies! And bread! And frosting! And cake! And a bazillion other things that the Kitchen Aid rocks at!

    Also, did the microwave get moved to the top of the fridge to make room for the mixer, or is that just where it’s always lived? 🙂

  2. Now I am jealous !!! I want one of those soooo bad ! Make lots of ice cream and cake ! Love the color too !

  3. Woo-hoo, welcome to the KitchenAid club.

    Our first gift was champagne flutes. That was such a happy, happy day. I was a bit surprised, to be honest . . . I was all, “people are actually buying us gifts? From the registry? Where we said what we wanted???” ’twas nuts.

      1. A word of caution — on the chowhound forums people are always talking about how bread-dough in the kitchenaid can over-exert it’s little motor. I have no idea because no one has given us a kitchenaid (yet!) and because I always make bread by hand (because I don’t have any other way to do it and it’s a good way to get a very particular kind of upper body musculature).

        1. Interesting… I think my dad makes the initial dough in it and then takes it out and works it by hand… we will have to experiment. OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS – a new blog topic – kitchen stuff. hahaha. And my many, many failed attempts (oh there will be many, and I will eat them anyway)

          1. I make dough in my Artisan and it’s totally able to handle it.
            I have heard of people trying to grind meat with the attachments on one of the smaller models and burning the motor out though. I think it’s all about what size the motor is…?

    1. Dude. Stephen’s Mom sent us an engagement present (out of the blue, no registry) and it was a LC dutch oven. I did a dance.

  4. Ooooooh. A yellow one. Prettttttttttty.

    When you guys were talking about gifts arriving on Twitter yesterday, I was quietly freaking out with the realization, that yes, we too might actually *receive gifts*. Mind. Blown.

      1. Yeah, wedding gifts, the generosity, is a big shock, in a real nice way. Don’t know how to say it without sounding all materialistic, but it is nice. We had a registry but did not include it in the invitation, only told people when and if asked.

  5. I loooove the yellow!! I think we went for the metallic one. I change my mind so often I can’t remember but now I want the yellow one all of a sudden. It’s so pretty!

  6. Ummm LOVE IT! And how cute is the buttercup yellow?! Best wedding present, in my humble opinion. We got one for our wedding (in red) and I love that thing so much. It makes baking ten times easier than before. There are so many things you can make with that and different attachments that I haven’t even used yet.

    I am legit excited for you right now, no lie, haha.

    ALSOOOO oh my God I about died at the having to pee sensation you get when you play hide and seek. Amazing, I always thought I was going to run out of my hiding spot for a bathroom break or I’d pee my pants!

  7. And a classic wedding gift at that! I adore the yellow. And I’m sure you’ll adore the mixer. My mommy got us one when we moved in together (yay for parents who are pro-living-in-sin!) and it’s the absolute best for baked goods. Enjoy, and remember, all the stress and awfulness of wedding planning will be over soon, leaving only a- your marriage! and b- some fun presents when all is said and done. Hang in there. And just be glad you don’t have another year to go like I do. Womp womp, 20 month engagement.

    1. Sorry I’m jumping in here randomly on this comment but I loved your “yay pro-living-in-sin parents” comment, haha. We had to deal with that issue with my now in-laws and it was a pain. My parents were coo’ with it though.

      Also, long engagements are a stinker but at least you have plenty of time! We were engaged for 2 1/2 years, and good lord it drags out sometimes but at least it gives you time to celebrate actually BEING ENGAGED! 🙂

  8. that might be the CUTEST AND BESTEST picture of you Ive ever seeeeeeeeen!! omg! omg! that is awesome!

    ps: thank you and baby jesus for not getting it in pink

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