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I asked Kamel what I should write about today and his answer: “The birds and the bees!” Thanks for nothing, kiddo. So then I wrote the title and he said “MORE wedding stuff?” And I said “WHAT ELSE DO WE DO?! We spent all evening writing thank you notes last night… and the day before that we squeed over registry items. Other than that, we work and sleep. WHAT OTHER STORIES DO I HAVE!?” And he acquiesced.

Registry. Here’s the thing. I am blown away by everyone’s generosity. Especially my wonderful internet ladies who aren’t even invited to the wedding!! (Though every day I think of 5 more people I wish I could have there. Every single day. And my impulse is to invite every person I know, because come one! come all! and share in the joy! But, budgets don’t allow for that type of thinking.) Generosity and gratitude. That’s the theme of this summer.

These are our first ever grown up wine glasses, bought for us by the lovely Sarah_Fae. (twitter handle love, though her account is private, I’m sure if you request to follow she’ll oblige.) We cleared out an entire row of crap from our kitchen cabinets just to make room for these beauties. We washed them (Kamel washed them) before we placed them in their new home and then we (literally) jumped up and down in our kitchen singing “WE HAVE NEW WINE GLASSES!!!” before opening up a bottle of wine and toasting to “Having nice things.” So, to Sarah – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You just classed up this joint to the MAX. (And thank you Crate and Barrel for making beautiful, sturdy wine glasses for all occasions.)

And then a few days ago another mystery packaged arrived containing a cheese plane and a slate cheese board (you know, for all of our cheesy needs and entertaining ways).

And who could have sent this to us? None other than Kristin from Not Intent On Arriving. (I love reading about her adventures, she makes it all seem SO EASY!) This gift had me choked up, because WHAT is going on? People who I’ve never met in real life (though Sarah is coming NEXT weekend!) are sending me lovely gifts with adorably thoughtful cards. And this is not a plea for more, this is not a dig at readers who don’t buy me wedding gifts. But, instead, it is a huge, huge thank you. Thank you to these ladies (who, so far, have been the only wedding gift givers from our registry besides my grandma) and thank you to the internet, every single one of you, who comment and share your stories, and dig deep and discuss things that make you uncomfortable, just to share in the community here.

A year ago, today, Kamel proposed to me. And this year has been hard and wonderful, and full of ridiculous surprises, career changes, moves, sadness, joy, everything. And you all have been there, reading along and going on the journey (your own, or just as a tag along on mine) too. Some of you started at the very beginning, and a lot of you have joined in the last 6 months or so. And I am so, so grateful to you for sticking around, sharing your kindness, and making the world that much happier for me. I really want this space to be joyful and thoughtful, and when people leave I want them to be tapping their foot a little peppier, or giggling to themselves, or thinking about a new perspective they never considered before. But I also wanted to tell you that you do that for me, every day.

So. Gratitude. I have it, and it’s all because of you.


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  1. Well, we happen to love you. I too have been blown away by my internet ladies supporting me during my pregnancy.

    In short, all hail the blogland.

  2. Well I just happened to be tappy my peppy little foot AND giggling to myself due to your awesomeness 😉 <3 Happy Proposal Anniversary!!!

  3. So this is almost exactly the polar opposite of what I blogged today. And that is why I love the blogland. Cause it makes me happier that someone out there is having a good week! With gifts! Yay! You deserve it lady.

    (And I’m kind of obsessed with what’s going on behind Kamel with the fabulous wall styling…)

  4. I’m so glad you like them! Clearly, I was creeping on you when I was writing that blog entry, but when I saw Sarah had sent you the wine glasses, I felt a little less bizarre about wanting to send something.

    My favorite thing about all our internet ladies (besides, you know, their amazing intellect and thoughtfulness and support and generosity and general awesomeness) is the amount of mail I’ve gotten from everyone! It’s amazing what a great little group of people I’ve been able to surround myself with through blogs and twitter, and if they want to send letters/books/cookies, I am all for that. So glad to have found you and everyone else!

  5. A little off topic, but I have a query. Did you both write thank yous for shower gifts? I wrote all of them because I felt like technically the shower was thrown for me; the Beagle was a guest, not the center of attention like I was. I know we are both going to be using the gifts, but it felt like they were given to me, so I needed to write the thank yous and sign them by myself.

    Now the wedding gifts on the other hand will be different. Those are definitely given to us, so we both will be writing thank yous and both of us will be signing them.

    1. So we had a gift card shower because it was in Seattle, so none of the gifts were really for me, or on a seperate registry or anything like that. So we both wrote thank yous and little messages on the same card. It was also the first time Kamel had met most of my extended family. I think it just depends on what kind of shower you have. 🙂 Plus it was nice to have a buddy in the hand-acheyness. haha

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