Lust List: Baby Me

This is the first time in my life where I know this many women who are pregnant or trying to get there. It’s totally blowing my mind in a, “Wait. What? Grownup who? Oh, I’m friends with mothers… and wannabe mothers? Who the…” kinda way. Plus… it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday… or in my world “Momma Day”, the day where my mom gets to have my dad jump out of bed, and drive to get her coffee while she waits in a warm bed. This is a holy day in my house.

I digress. Babies. What to buy for babies? What to buy for mother’s of babies and small ones? Every time I walk by the kids section at Target I can’t help but oogle at the little baby jeans and the little baby tutus and the little baby pajamas. Drool. So let’s start.

If I had any talent whatsoever I would knit these for every baby I know. And then I would continue with the grown people because AWWWWWWWWW.

But, if you are like me and have no craft skill whatsoever, you can buy these adorable hats at BabeeStitches Etsy Shop. They are 22 dollars, come in a variety of sizes and are sure to get you the biggest sighs at the baby shower. Every body wins.

And what happens when your bald little girl is constantly being called a little boy? Or if you just want her to wear GIANT FLOWERS ON HER HEAD. Because, why not? You have ultimate control, so why not exert it? For Adorableness.

Jill Calabrese has you covered with a bunch of cutie-pie headbands like the one above. I wish they came in big girl sizes.

More robots please. The world needs more robot art.

This one’s named Walter. And Walter has many friends over at Modern Pop. They all need homes. In the baby’s room. Or … your kitchen. Wherever. You won’t see me judging… or talking lovingly to my new robot friend… stop staring at me. You’re making Walter uncomfortable. Shh… pay no attention to them, Walter.

Again, if I had any skills whatsoever I may be able to create this awesome dress by Rocker Baby Inc., but I do not. So I will gladly pay someone who days. Especially for the bow. LOOK AT THE BOW! I think the best gifts at baby showers are either spa days for the mom (hells yeah) or stuff for the older-than-newborn-baby (this is, of course, leaving out the massively expensive things that I couldn’t afford anyway). I may be wrong, and please correct me if so, but they only stay little for a short time. They may stay toddler sized for longer than teensy baby size. So why not?

I want to be a baby just for these shoes, eff giving them to a baby, I want them for me. But, I guess… I’ll have to deal with the fact that my feet will never be that small and adorable again. And that Zuzii Footwear doesn’t make Petal Shoes in my size. (Damn the man.) They come in lots of colors, so white is definitely not the only option.

This kind of colorful, textured art is something I would have loved as a kid. And something as an adult, I would want decorating one of my rooms. It seems like such a no brainer: Wood, lovely materials, owls. Done and done. But really, this is made me a thoughtful eye, and a mind for color. Petit Collage has bunches of lovely designs like Owl and Baby. Plus! These designs are made from vintage, found, hand painted and recycled papers mounted on maple plywood. Recycled art for the win!

Raise your hand if you have a baby shower to attend sometime soon? Raise your hand if you’re going to be throwing a baby shower for your bun in the oven? There are tons and tons of awesome baby things on the internets. Go explore! Maybe you’ll find a lovely independent artist type to adopt for your baby’s feets heads rooms life.

15 thoughts on “Lust List: Baby Me”

    1. Seconded. So deeply seconded.

      And also, not only babies. Babies and a farmhouse. (Oh, wait. You are already half way to my dream!)

      Lauren – I love this. You are too funny/sweet about these items!

  1. babyyy stuuuufffffff. oh man. ovaries exploding!

    I’m actually not surrounded by pregnant ladies right now, which is pretty odd because there’s usually at least one in my office at any given time. Hoping to hear some good news from my sister on the baby front, this summer or fall. otherwise I just have one little baby neice so she will have to get all of this cute stuff!

  2. Dear God, my uterus is exploding. I can’t handle this much cute…

    BUT, this post has dramatically improved my mood. I was super grouchy and now I’m all “bebeeeeeeeezzzzzz….” (Like zombies calling for brains, except you just want to munch on little toes.)

  3. Holy babies. I think the one thing I looked forward to most in (hopefully) having babies in the future are making sure they get to wear these hats.

    I love looking at kids’ stuff. It makes me want to pop out a little baby right now… I need to back away from this cuteness ASAP. Ahhh.

  4. OMG the SANDALS!!!!!! And the football beanie!! GAH!! Youre killing me Lauren!! Really though, all i need is a trip to the mall or Kaiser to cure my baby fever. Screaming kids shrinks my uterus right back up πŸ˜‰

  5. It’s all so cute. Those adorable headbands, yeah, I’ll probably need to get some of those. At least, if I’m any indication. I was a bald, bald baby.

  6. Funny timing…I got a phone call late last night from a friend in the early stages of labor, asking me pretty please, if things happened to go faster than expected, could I come in the middle of the night and take care of their screaming (but adorable) 2-year-old while mom and dad went to the hospital.

    Fortunately (for selfish me), no middle-of-the-night phone calls πŸ˜‰ But clearly there’ll be a new baby I need to buy for soon. I’m always a fan of baby shoes, because OMG TINY! And adorable!

    I’m also always a fan of board books. Even when they can’t read, it seems they really like just slipping through the pages.

  7. The shoes, the dress… I would all in my size1 and you want to know the kicker? I am so crazy I would probably buy it all for both Lyra and for me. But at least I am not so crazy as to have us wear same items at the same time. Who are those people!? πŸ™‚ keep up the lust list – Matt and his wallet love it.

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