In The Night: Part 2

Last night it was all about the dress. It was raining (again), or it had been raining, and there were giant puddles. The lovely bridesmaid, Maris, was leading me across a gravel lot to the chapel, and thought the dress would float over puddles. Instead it soaked up all of the water. I was irritated and demanded it be rung out. At the same time this was happening, the band (we don’t have a band) was playing The Little Mermaid songs and I was super happy about that, and kept telling everyone, “can you believe it? Little Mermaid! For me!” haha…

So, after the dress was sufficiently dried, it was all wrinkled to hell. Kamel kept coming into the get ready room and refusing to leave so no one could get dressed, and I was trapped hiding under the covers in my crazy wrinkled dress. He was making us late and there was absolutely nothing I could do to get him to leave.

Finally, I made it back to my parent’s hotel room where I tried to shower (without ruining my already done hair… talk about stress), and waited for the hotel to send someone up to steam the dress. I remember thinking “I’m totally going to eff this up,” but trying to roll with it anyway. And it occurred to me that “wow, I can really breath in this dress, this is mighty comfortable,” which is a total lie since currently the top part of the dress (in real life) is squeezing my boobs into what I refer to as “cruise cleavage” and crushing my rib cage so that I can’t take a full deep breath in. Who is a little nervous about passing out on the alter? This girl.Who did not feel the crushing weight of being stuffed into a wedding dress until she flew it all the way to Seattle, as a carry on? Me, right here.

Yet another wedding dream. This one felt more like I was watching everything happen to me, vs panicked that it was real. Although, watching my dress sink into puddles was pretty stressful, and Kamel being an obnoxious douche was infuriating. I wonder what will happen next? Where will dream wedding take me tomorrow?

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  1. I loooove the Little Mermaid part of your dream it was always my favorite book and movie, and the songs are great 😉
    Funny how in dreams things do not really make sense. Last night I also had a nightmare kindof. My brother was getting a house with his girl, but it was this design house all made of wood and we were at an open house kind of thing, but it was very crowded and we were told to mind the pickpockets. So at some point I had to go downstairs to get something and then a robber came and threw glass in the floor at which point I yelled and woke myself up, and Mark too.
    Anyway, I am sure you will look great on your dress . Make sure you give some water to a bridesmaid / friend / sister during the ceremony. I do not want to stress you more, but at my cousin´s wedding, his bride actually fainted while saying her vows, maybe it was the warmth though.
    And do not worry about Kamel, I am sure he will be super nice and supportive, as he is and has been all along right ?

    1. I’m hoping that as I wear the dress, it will stretch a bit and my boobs won’t suffocate me to death. 🙂 I will def have the girls stick a water bottle at their seats before the wedding starts so I can be prepared! And tissue. I’ll most likely cry.

  2. Last night I had a dream that the Beagle was married to another woman and had children with her. I was aware we were laying in the same bed together (in real life), but we had the body pillow between us so that no funny business happened since he was married (dream). It was stressing me out because I wanted him to have an affair with me. At one point in the night he rolled over to cuddle with me (real life), and I freaked out that we were going to get caught having the affair (dream). Such a bad dream.

    1. oh, I get those weird dream v reality nights too…

      I keep having dreams that involve other people and then I get totally convinced that the dream is somewhat real and the people are there… I’ll half wake up, needing to go the bathroom and panic because there are all these other people in the room and I’m sleeping naked…

      Pre-wedding dreams were awesome… Cant remember any at the moment though!

  3. The Little Mermaid part was incredible. I think that you’ll pull this off because you’re so wonderful and have little redeeming details in your dreams!

    Ms Bunny, I just want to hug the crap out of you because those are the WORST dreams.

    1. hahaha because I’m so wonderful? YOU’RE so wonderful. And as long as I do’t try to take a shower with my done-up hair, I think i’ll be ok. But you just NEVER KNOW and I guess that’s what my brain is working through; every possible disaster scenario.

  4. little mermaid at a wedding! AMAZING. i have dreams about getting up to the altar and isaiah is someone else and i freak out and lose my cool all over the ceremony and start looking for isaiah but no one knows him and he doesn’t know me {deep breath}. he has another girlfriend…or something like that…kids…that aren’t mine…and he has never met me. rough.

    1. oh my gosh, that is horrible. The “where is my husband, this is not my husband!” and everyone is all “she be acting CRAZY” is awful. I hate dreams where people either don’t believe me, I have to convince someone of something SUPER important, or I can’t speak or run fast enough… it’s all the same sensation. Gross.

  5. I once a had a dream that D and I were getting ready to walk down the aisle and all our attendants were milling around and I noticed there was an uneven number (we didn’t have any attendants in real life, btw). Then I realized that D had asked Dwight from The Office to be his best man at the last minute and that’s why he had more guys than I did gals. I asked him if we needed to find another bridesmaid stat, but he simply said: “Don’t you dare. Dwight WALKS ALONE.” And I was all: of course he does, what a silly question, and we proceeded to get married with Dwight looking creepily over D’s shoulder the whole time.

    And, yes, we cut back on the Office re-runs after that night. As if wedding nightmares aren’t bad enough, I had most of the cast of The Office invade our wedding nightly for about a week. :\

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