Dress Search: Part 2

Two months after the bridal boutique that made me take my shoes off and wash my hands before they allowed me even to think about dresses, my lovely friend, Maris, visited  me in San Francisco. It was time to have another go at this thing. I had an appointment at a bridal shop in Burlingame (45 minutes outside of the city) that had carried a few styles I had liked and seen on the The Kn*t’s giant searchable-dresses website. (A very handy tool for a girl who has no effing clue what she’s looking for, I’ll give them that much.) When we arrived we were the only people in the store except for a lovely older Russian woman who could have been a fabulous aunt-friend-of-the-family type. She was fantastic. Her name is Georgette. And I had no issues, whatsoever, whipping off all my clothes in front of her because all she really did was praise my ta-tas and tell me every dress I had on was made for me. We all need these people in our lives. The ones who go, “Oh my god, whatever. When I was your age I was begging for an a*s like that. Put this on, you’re going to look amazing.”

So, I picked a dress. I bought the dress. I called my mom and told her I had bought a dress. I felt good about the experience. I felt relieved that the entire thing was over, Maris high-fived me and then we made our way over to the donut shop and I had the biggest apple fritter of my life. Done and done, right? Except not.

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8 thoughts on “Dress Search: Part 2”

  1. ooOOOoooh a new angle! love this one too!

    great post, though, seriously. you know this already, but: you have a gift with words. love hearing your stories. also love hearing the million ways Kamel is awesome for you. <3 <3

  2. Good Lord that bustle is going to be lovely!

    Seriously though, I’m so glad everything is working out. Seamstress magic and husband-to-be magic, and all is right with the world again. =)

  3. Oh lord, I know of the ugly point and shoot photos from a bridal salon. I haaaated the photos from my first try-on and hemmed and hawed about purchasing the dress that I felt great in. I went back and tried on the dress again two months later and felt great in it again. Bought it. Went home and looked at the camera phone shots my fiance took. Freaked out!

    But, I’m okay with it now because I love the way the dress makes me feel when I wear it. And fiance says it looks great on.

    I’m so glad you showed Kamel. Some surprises are overrated.

  4. Love this. I felt the same way and showed my now husband my dress before the wedding. It was a huge weight off my shoulders.

  5. I love how this story illustrates perfectly the kind of couple you guys are and the kind of relationship you guys have. And from the sneak peaks, it is a beautiful dress.

    I think almost every woman has doubts about her dress. I’m having a bit of one right now (not about the back — the back is stunning).

    It’s so good to read your dress story.

  6. I love that you found a way to love your dress. I look back at our wedding photos and still think I look like a figurehead at the front of pirate ship. Why didn’t my friends tell me that halternecks, broad shoulders and a D cup don’t mix? I try to remember that I was comfortable and felt great, regardless of the photos.

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