Sucker Punch

This weekend Kamel and I saw Sucker Punch. Sigh. I didn’t want to see it because I thought it was all nerd porn and I don’t want to support stupid shit. But… Kamel really wanted to go and I had picked the last movie and he was all whinewhinewhineSuckerPunch, so I gave in.

The movie was weird and confusing and Kamel turned to me in the middle of it and apologized and then whispered, “I have no idea what’s going on” hahaha. TOLD YOU KAMEL! But the interesting tidbit about this movie is how the ratings board prevented a sex scene from being included in their PG-13 rating (although tons and tons and tons of violence made it through). Why? Because the main character (a 20 year old woman) enjoyed it too much. The only way to get a lower rating was to edit the scene so that the girl appeared to be raped. So, instead of pushing that message through, they deleted it altogether.

I think the movie may have been greatly improved if it would have had an R rating, given more complexity and pushed the envelope story-wise. It seemed like a 13 year old boy’s list of awesome – “Ok, I want robots, and a fire breathing dragon, and explosions, and giant ninjas, and zombies, and boobs.” The things that were interesting were too few and far between. But the real point is: the ratings board is again a joke. Where are their priorities? Obviously not on women’s sexual health, or on displaying women’s sexual equality. But giant guns and mass killing? Bring it.

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  1. ohhhhh damn you ratings board! i can’t believe that!! i was wondering why LATELY especially…it seems like every single movie we watch has a woman getting raped or threatened rape on her person or whatever…Isaiah’s been joking a lot about it because we had a movie marathon one weekend last month and it was like every time a guy wanted a chick, she’d say no and he’d get aggressive like THAT, you know? bizarre. that’s disappointing.

  2. Hello Lauren ! This is the first time that I comment but I’ve been here a few times. (Got here from APW) Just to say this weekend Mark was also whine whine whine Sucker Punch…. went to another movie instead but we are still gonna watch it, so we will tell you what we think then . (Not so excited about it but there is a fight scene he really wants to see on the big screen).
    Anyway just wanted to say hi, really like it here, keep writing 😉

    1. Yes! definitely let me know. It pretty much turned out exactly as I predicted, but I figured meh… candy, brainless movie, not bad for a weekend. 🙂

  3. To be fair, I also wanted to see the Train Movie. =) ANd after all was said and done, yes Sucker Punch was confusing eye candy. I wish it was better. It could’ve been.

    Ratings boards I think are a racket. I can’t believe they gave King’s Speech and R rating. It was a great story about a man and his speech therapist! How is that unsuitable for people under 18?

  4. “It seemed like a 13 year old boy’s list of awesome.”

    You’re not the first person I’ve heard this from. I think one official review described it as “Zach Snyder’s wet dream.” Because really.

    The rating bit infuriates me, though. What absolute crap.

    1. It makes me a little sad it’s turned out so blargh. I know Jamie (the asian girl!) and I wanted to be able to see her first big budget film. But I just can’t fathom sitting through this. ::shrugs::

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