Flashback Friday: Vegas

I have been blessed with friends who are totally down with spontaneous adventuring. And, really, that’s what makes life so extra sweet; the fun times you didn’t even have to plan on, but they happen anyway. Last Friday I gave some dialogue about Claire announcing we should run off to Spain during the year we turn 30. When we were 23, Claire and our friend Tricia and I decided, during a visit I made to Portland, that we were going to Vegas and we were going to do it on the cheap, share a room at the Golden Nugget, and hit up the buffets. We went in the most unlikely of times. I had just gotten back from Paris, Claire was working and saving for a 6 month trip to Africa, and Tricia was planning her wedding. If we had been really thinking, we would have done the responsible thing and not gone. But Vegas is not responsible.

We were there for 4 days and every day we would wake up, hit the pool by 10am, lay out in 120 degree heat for a few hours, escaping to wander into the pool or shoot down the slide that was inside a shark tank. I wore a pair of awesome blue underpants instead of bakini bottoms because they looked good and it was Vegas, so who really cares?

Then at about 1 or 2 we would hit up the breakfast buffet or the starbucks in the hotel and head back to the room to nap until around 4. Then, we’d get up, get dressed and head out to find dinner, gamble a little (I doubled my money at craps), and explore the strip. Because there were so many people, because we were constantly being overrun by drunk, obnoxious men, we made an amazingly awesome code to call out who we spotted around us without them realizing we were talking about them. All of this revolved around donuts.

An Old Fashioned was a creepy old guy, a Cinnamon Twist was someone who was wayy too tan and bro-y, and if we had glazed on the end of anything they were wasted beyond belief and were to be handled with care. The list went on and on and on but I only remember a few now. The thing I wasn’t anticipating about Vegas – it really is one giant bar and the same rules you use in a bar to keep check of yourself and your surroundings, we found we needed in Vegas. Like when Claire and Tricia went to cash out their chips and left me at a deserted video poker table, I shouldn’t have sat there, but instead walked with them. I was flanked on both sides by two fairly aggressive guys who wanted all my attention within 3 minutes. I had no idea where the girls had walked off to, I couldn’t see them, and I couldn’t leave the area because then they wouldn’t know where to find me. Situations like that arose a lot, and that part where we needed to be constantly aware of our surroundings and who was approaching us became exhausting.

But the best part of the weekend? First, was how we had made the decision to up and run off to Vegas just a few short months before and were actually there, and second, sitting in front of the Bellagio fountain with giant cocktails, singing along to all of the songs, having no plans and no where to be, and having the most relaxing evening of my life (before I suddenly found myself at the TajMahal karaoke). Fabulous.

4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Vegas”

  1. OHHH Las Vegas is my very favorite place on earth (but you’re so right about the buddy system, especially if you go with all-ladies). I also love that these photos are all perfectly blurry. Excellent Vegas photos 🙂

  2. Aaamazingballs!!! That sounds like an ideal trip to Vegas to me! I love craps TOOO!! Yay! There should be a rule for Vegas trips…dont have an itinerary and dont think about it. Just GO. And see where your cocktails take you 😉

  3. You guys are amazing!!!

    You know, we had a system about doughnuts too, but it was if we saw a friend being hit on by a guy and they obviously had no clue, we’d mention doughnuts in some way. And if they were being hit on and we wanted them to get away, we’d grab their hand and talk about going to GET doughnuts.
    Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but in our defense we were usually hammered and it’d end up with my friend Sissa grabbing my arm and screaming “ALYSSA!!! DOUGHNUTS!!!” in my face and then dragging me away…
    Y’all is much better.

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