My best friend, Claire, is in town until Monday and while I was sitting at the kitchen table working, she and Kamel watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona, a movie I really, truly adore.I love Spain, I love the art, I love the sex, I love the effortless travel-wear, I love it.

“I love this movie! I love this place!! I want to live in that house! I want to go to there!!” I said.

“We should go. We should go. We should do this,” said Claire, seriously.

“Oh God,” said Kamel, “the two of you in Spain? You’re not allowed to go alone.” He laughs.”You’re going to end up having a three some with some Spaniard artist.”

“What?! No. We’re going,” I said… “And maybe…” I said.

“Let’s go when we’re 30!” said Claire.

“Ok!” I said.

“No for reals, we’re doing this. I’m not joking,” said Claire.

I laugh. “Is this like the time we decided to go to Vegas? When we were just like ‘Oh em gee! We should go to VEGAS.’ And then we were all like, ‘No. For reals. We’re going. Are we going?’ And then we totally went?”

“Yes!” said Claire, “It’s totally just like that!”

“Oh Jesus,” said Kamel.

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  1. Oh yeah ! You should totally go there, I am still in love with Barcelona, lived there for 5 years . And once there you should go have ice cream here:,view:smartmaps&ei=952xTYPvPIuPOsjmiOYB&dtab=2

    It is an italian ice cream shop, in the neighborhood of “Gracia” which is very cozy, with nice little shops and then, you should go watch a movi at Verdi cinemas, they often have independent artsy nice movies :,view:smartmaps&ei=952xTYPvPIuPOsjmiOYB&dtab=2

    Ohhh how I miss it there ! Hope the links work πŸ™‚

  2. <3

    This is how I decided on my last name. "We should have the same last name since both our dads are horrible and we're feminists." "YES! Wait, are you serious? Because I'm serious."
    "Dude, we're totally going to pick our own last name. We'll be like sisters!"
    "We're doing this."

  3. a) you should, because Barcelona is effing ridiculous. In a fantastic way.

    2) you should, because my friend and I just took a wee trip that we’d been talking about for ages, and it was effing ridiculous. In a fantastic way.

      1. hahahaha. Yes! We went! Claire, Tricia and I. That’s where claire and I got our tattoos. It was rad. We stayed at the Golden Nugget and did Vegas old school style and on the cheap. We went the summer of 2008, after my first year in grad school. Maybe I’ll post a photo next week of us in vegas just for fun. πŸ˜‰

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