Sorry for the lamesville posting this week. I’ve been sick and on vacation. A double whammy for slow posts. But I have lots and lots to chat about next week. (Hint: Burlesque, an established paid servant class, and on a lighter note – Books!) So, for now – enjoy these photos from the week. The rest will have to wait till Monday.


  1. Sorry to hear you are sick! Especially while on vacation. Obviously your body needs rest. Feel better soon!

    • Yeah! I miss it already. I couldve stayed the whole month there.

      • Wow you guys were living it up in style. That place is amazing.

        • Oh yeah. It was for a conference that Kamel’s work sent him to that Sony was throwing so… we got to pretend to live the high life, but really it was free. hahaha.

  2. ohmygosh never apologize when you’ve got photos like these to share! amazinggfaaace.

  3. What app are you using for those photos? LOVE.

    • It’s called Vignette for Android. I don’t know if its on iOS but try Camera+ I hear its good and it might do the 4 squares. :)

      • HA! I think I ask this all the time and then get disappointed because I can’t find it for iPhone. :)

  4. your vacation looks amazing. Also happy late birthday.

  5. woot for photos! boo for sickness. can’t wait to hear all about it!

  6. is there a better way to kick that anxiety over into nowhereland than with a vacation!? NOPE. And hopefully your cold will leave too! Have a wonderful time! The pictures are totally lovely!

  7. I LOVE that picture of the carrots! The blue and orange…awesome.

  8. Pretty pictures! I love the one by the pool and the tiny shells.
    Enjoy the sun!

  9. these are gorgeous vacation photos. happy belated birthday and feel better!!

  10. Love the photos! I’m totally downloading the trial version of that app right now. Also, fresh vegetables! And beach! I am very jealous.

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