After a long week for the world, my sanity, and the ongoing-ever-disturbing environmental disasters (plural), I give you this little gem:

me: why is it that it’s always one armpit that sweats more than the other?

Maris: ummm … i think it’s just you. It’s like you have a lazy eye … but instead it’s a nervous armpit.

And so it goes. Happy weekending!

9 thoughts on “Wisdom”

    1. Truth: I almost NEVER wear deoderant because I almost NEVER sweat under my arms. Just on random days where my shirt is suddenly wet. Very strange. And honestly, i don’t really smell. Kamel thinks i’m a robot.

  1. I too have a really sweaty armpit that I’m always nervous about which just adds to the situation and in a cruel twist of fate the sweaty armpit is opposite to my best side so now I have to decide whether to face the camera with my best side or the sweaty armpit.

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