Wedding Accessories Part 2

As the accessories start rolling in (a gift from Maris), I’ll feature them here, giving a little love to the vendors responsible for the bling.

It’s necklace time! It’s necklace time! When I saw this necklace online over at Virginia Geiger’s Etsy shop (Elegant Jewelery Design) I knew it was going to be perfect. Perfect I say! But of course I waited, because $95.00 seems a lot to me for any accessory. As you know, accessories pretty much freak me out. I generally have no idea what to buy or how much is acceptable to spend.

But, since this was the wedding gift Maris was hooking me up with, her excitement and assurance that it was totally reasonable won me over. Plus, fresh water pearls! And a little crystal flower off to one side? Ugh, how could I not, right? Virginia Geiger’s store is full of amazing wedding day gems. Like this fabulous hair comb, and this amazing flower necklace, and this necklace which I almost bought, but could NOT justify the $160 price tag.

And the thing is, I wish I could say that all of those adorable pearls, and the little bits of sparkly crystal are worth it. But the necklace is completely made out of, and secured by, wound wire. It’s how she is able to make these whimsical looks without it costing $500 dollars, I’m sure. BUT! It is incredibly fragile, and bends so much that I could ball it up in my hand and it would be forever ruined. I am perplexed on how to get it to Seattle without squishing it to death, and terrified I’m going to bend it out of shape and then break off a section every time I try it on. You can see that a little piece is bent up in the back in this last photo below. Although, how adorable is that dangling crystal?

So, I wish I could whole-heartedly recommend Virginia Geiger Jewels, but I can’t. I feel like this necklace is a one time use necklace when what I wanted was something I could wear for special occasions to come and think back on how I had worn it on my wedding day. I really will be surprised if it makes it through the whole day without catching on something and bending totally out of shape or needing to be constantly adjusted and smoothed down. So is it worth the hundred bucks? I don’t think so. But that design sure is breathtaking. Whew.

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  1. Lovely, lovely necklace Lauren – it looks great on you. I will now be spending the next hour looking at pearl bracelets on Etsy…

    I feel your pain with the bendy wire. I have a necklace a little like yours and once it went into my jewellry box, it never looked the same. How about pining it to some fabric until W day? xx

  2. It is gorgeous! I love that it’s a bit of a modern twist on the classic bridal pearls. Shame that it’s so fragile though. I guess you could keep it safe in the box for the trip to Seattle? And maybe bring some emergency silver thread or jewelry pliers, in case it gets bent out of shape or broken?

  3. Can you put it in a paper towel tube? Tape one end to the edge of the tube, put the necklace in the there, and tape down the other end if it hangs out?
    You’d have to be careful not to squish the tube, but that might help a little bit…

    I’m sorry it’s not more sturdy, it looks SO pretty!

    1. it HAS TO stay in a circle shape. It’s not bendy AT ALL, so even on my neck I have to pat it down and fix things here and there… even when I was taking those photos and had it on for maybe 20 minutes. eesh.

        1. I totally agree – convo the seller on etsy and ask her how to care for the jewelry. You look beautiful but for hundreds of dollars that necklace should last longer than one or two days. There have to be options other than gazing at it laying flat in a crystalline box.

      1. Hi Lauren, I am so sorry that you are not pleased with this handmade necklace that I made for you! I have to agree that it looks absolutely beautiful on you! It is actually very sturdy! I have been wearing one that I made for myself for several years and it has held up beautifully, of course you don’t want to keep it squished up….as any necklace you have to store it properly. If you have any problems with it, I would be happy to fix it for you. Thanks so much for ordering from my shop! best, Ginny

  4. it is BEAUTIFUL. my aunt used to make necklaces like that and she would give away one of those cardboard and velour neck shape thingies? and then tell people to stick that in a shoe box for transport…wanna try that maybe? it wouldn’t cost any more than $5-$6 maybe.

  5. that is balls! because it’s such a gorgeous necklace, sorry it’s not as durable as you’d hope, given the price. you might convo the seller and let her know about your issues with it, and ask if she has recommendations for how to make sure it holds its shape.. 🙂

  6. It sounds like you have to get one of those big fancy necklace boxes, with a velvet 1-inch stump of a fake neck sticking up so you can close it up and have some peace of mind.

    It really is gorgeous, though. And you can re-wear the shit out of those clip-on earrings you got

  7. It’s gorgeous! But as a fellow Messy Girl (hi, Alyssa!) I can see how it would be easy to screw up and then get frustrated that it didn’t last forever!
    Do either of you have a fedora? You could clasp it around the hat to keep it round and the brim would protect it a bit from other objects. If it’s too short to go all the way around just attach a little piece of string or similar in the gap. Then transport the hat as you usually would (and if you know how, please tell me… I have no idea how to pack mine for when we move!).

  8. Since I read everything all the way to the end every-single-time, I went to the shop and proceeded to bookmark like three things. Then I read your review. Dude, that sucks. I’m sure there’s some sort of box you have that will be big enough to hold it in a circle, but not cave in. It’s really beautiful though, and looks gorgeous on you.

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