Lust List: Lamps

In the Dupuis-Perez Household, we’ve been obsessing…. over lamps. We can’t afford real furniture (and apparently we can’t afford new lamps either. Ha!) so we’ve been obsessing over household accessories. Remember the fear of having people over and our panic induced framing-palooza? Well, one thing leads to another and pretty soon the photos need better lighting, and that shade is stupid, and maybe we’ll just WALK down the target lighting aisle just to SEE what they have. You get the idea, and here we have arrived.

I want this. It’s from Lamps Plus and it’s 100 dollars and I want it. Can I justify a 100 dollar lamp? No. but it doesn’t stop the lust, ladies and gentleman, the lust cannot be stopped. Also – Lamps Plus? Who would have thought, right?

This is a Daffodil Bell Desk Lamp. And If I had an office, or a writing study, or a desk that wasn’t covered in “clean” clothes, or an entry way even (obviously, I’m not picky) I would put this lamp there, and it would make me happy. Kamel says I like old lady things, and I respond with a resounding “Hells yes” because old lady are the shit, fool. This lamp can be found at Amazon and is “currently unavailable” putting it on the ultimate lust list – even if I could I wouldn’t be able to buy it. Womp.

This is a Crate and Barrel lamp.

So is this one.

I think both of these are actually on our registry. We enjoy picking furniture, kitchen things, housing accessories, that look as if they could get up and run away if they wanted. We want items in our house that have personality and animation. I imagine that first lamp to make a bass-y tuba noise when it tries to speak, and that second one is a scuttler… you know that lamp scuttles around the living room whenever you’re out of town. He so crazy.

And this overhead light by Re-Surface Design out of Brooklyn, NY and is one of those home items I will never, ever, ever feel cool enough to own, but will forever and ever lust after. And! Lucky you! (Because, obviously you’re cooler than me, let’s not even front) It’s on sale right now, marked down to $195! (Holy shit, what was it before?) Oh, the price you pay for unique, awesome, and independent artist made. Sigh.

Then, if none of these work, and you’re just fed up with lamp shopping, you can never go wrong with boobs. (As mama always says)

Nothing says classy like a lamp with a pasty.

Or, if tacky isn’t your thing, and you have enough light in your lovely abode, there’s always the applique option.

This little number is from Elly Nelly out of Australia and I love it so much! We might have to do an entire Lust List inspired by wall graphics because they are yet another thing I am far too lame-o to own in real life. Sigh.

One day, when we actually get some non-ikea luminescence up in here, I’ll give a heads up. Until then, I’ll be shopping from afar.

18 thoughts on “Lust List: Lamps”

  1. Jon and I are not allowed to wander into lighting departments. We get lost for HOURS and dream (he’s worse than me, but still).

    We currently have Pottery Barn lamps … but only becuase 2 of them were “gifts” (aka, we took them from his office when it closed) and we had certificates for the third. That being said, had we had to pay for all three, they would have cost more than our couch. ::shudders::

    Love it.

    Also … PLEEEEEEEEEASE get that decal and put it up? You could rock it, and it doesn’t fit into my current “decor” (pssh!). I tell you though, when I have a room to myself (or even just a 2nd bathroom!) I’m bright color decaling the hell out of it. That lamp is totally a starter.

  2. BOOB LAMP! hahaha I’m dying. We definitely have the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, fishnet-stocking’d and everything. It hides in our dogs’ room.

  3. Ive seen a super cute lamp decal at Target!!! Its black and is antique-y looking. I stop and pick it up and look at it everytime i see it. Ive seen the same one at Kohls on many occasions as well.

  4. I really wish I were cool enough for the graffiti lamp.

    But here are some that I dare to think I’m actually mature enough for and totally lust after:
    I imagine having 3 or 4 of those spaced out along a hallway.
    This is for our dining room table.
    That is for my bedside table.
    And this precious little thing is for my desk.

    You may have noticed these are all from Ikea, I LOVE ikea….

  5. Oh man, I have been lusting over lamps too. My husband does not see why we need lamps for our nightstands because when he’s reading in bed the overhead light is just fine… I’ve been browsing Macy’s because they tend to have regular sales and bonus, if you’re registered there you can get an even steeper discount if someone decides not to gift you with a lamp and you want to complete your registry with all of the extra perks. Oh, lamps…

  6. You have made me completely aware of lamps after this post and the last one you did with that pretty lampshade. I’ve never paid much attention to them and we only have one in our apartment (it’s tiny and I’ve had since college…yuck). I think I’m going to start paying attention to them now! They can change the feel of a room, yes? Perhaps I’ll search for a pretty one to add to our living room. 🙂

  7. It all runs around the living room when youre out of town, its so crazy! hahahahahahahahahah you made me totally burst out laughing! And I know what you mean abuot furniture, I crave that “animated” type look with a huge dash of old lady! Solid wood bench anyone? Houndstooth chair? Flower print 70s chair! YES PLEASE

  8. Came across this post and just wanted to say that I got that Crate and Barrel lamp, the one with the legs, its called Cleo 😀 and I have to say, its great, its so beautiful and adds so much character, I hope you guys can get it!! (do you have it already?) I had it on my wedding registry, no one bought it but we got a $150 gift card so we used it on it (and had extra 10% off because of registry completion program) and put the rest of the money, so worth it!!!!!!!

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