House Of Air, Jump, and Pain

Last weekend Kamel and I went to a birthday party at San Francisco’s House of Air. All week Kamel had been calling it by different names, because he is scattered about things like that.

“The House of Pain”

“Air.”  I would say.

“The House of jump”

“Air.” Again.

“The Land of Trampolines.”


It turns out that trampolines are a lot like monkey bars. Have you tried monkey bars as an adult? As a child I could swing across them, skipping two at a time, the only thing that was a little uncomfortable were the calluses on my hands afterward (that I would pick off later, leaving little pinch marks on my palms). As an adult, though, monkey bars are impossible. Your feet drag or nearly drag on the ground, your body becomes a sack of bricks, and it’s a lot like doing a pull up… something I am completely incapable of doing.

We paid for an hour inside the park. Before we showed up I made a comment that we should have paid for 3 (THREE!) hours. Once seemed too little! Well… within the first five minutes (literally, because we started watching the clock to see how much time we still had) my abs were sore, I was out of breath and I realized this was not going to be easy.

In 30 minutes I was a pink, sweaty mess. We ended up having to take breaks from being in the trampoline zone, sitting on a bench, and watching little 7-9 year old ballerinas doing splits and flips in the air. Wow. We are old… as we huff and puff and sweat.

And then the next day, and the day after that – it really was the House of Pain, as we waddled around our apartment and moaned and groaned about the parts of our bodies we were shocked that were sore. “Can you believe? I mean… my god! I didn’t even think I was using that muscle!”

But holy crap it was FUN. Like really, goofy, little kid on the playground FUN. And yes, it was a workout, but when I look at these photos I get excited about going back again. Plus! They have workout classes for 15 bucks a pop, and I totally want to go! Or just schedule another hour play date. Now, I want to take everyone I know here, and we can all whine and sweat and huff and puff and jump like crazies together. Because being a kid and having a break from laundry and work and the world news – is worth the core muscle aches.

26 thoughts on “House Of Air, Jump, and Pain”

  1. I totally went to one of these in Sac!! But I deliberately went for the workout class because i heard of what an amazing workout it was, burning like 1000 caleries in an hour?! And i thought, that HAS to be the most fun way to get in shape!! And it was, right?! But also by far the hardest, haha. It def takes it allll out of you. I would totally go back with you =) I havent been back to mine because i hate doing stuff like that alone and no one is brave enough to go with me! Haha.

    1. I really really want to go and kamel wants to go too! He was totally a little Mexican jumping bean! So we should do a group thing!!! It literally gives me that exhilaration feel just thinking about it!

  2. Work on your jumping skills you two because I’m pretty sure it would be AWESOME to have my birthday party there in November! Nothing says 25 like trampolines, right???

  3. I loved it! We should go again! The House of Jump rocked!

    Hopefully next time we wont deal with kids noshing on pizza while being all up in our biz.

  4. I’m so jealous!!! I found this place last time I was in the city but rainy day of gloom meant I refused to leave his apartment but I will be there in a few weeks and I WANT!!!
    Trampoline work-out to burn the calories from happy hour??? Eh? Eh?

  5. AAHHHH. I want to go to there–! I actually have always hated trampolines but only the kind in peoples back yards where you are constantly in danger of maiming yourself or your closest friend/relative, when you inevitably put a foot through the springs and/or go flying off the thing at bad angles.. but that set-up looks AMAZING.

  6. It was a blast, although i wasn’t very sore the next day, i would have to advise people do not go play an 1hr of hockey the next day. By the second period, my legs were slightly shot, I had to take a penalty so i could sit down for a bit.
    But im down to try the workouts though

    1. you weren’t SORE?! I think for us, it was worse the second day after. But I guess that’s ok that you’re so hardcore that you didn’t get sore… it was your birthday after all. 😉

  7. I want to go! That sounds so fun. I’ve done a gym class on the trampoline and it was awesome, but I don’t belong there anymore so… I’m doing this on my next sf visit.

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