My belated Valentines Day present arrived last week.

There’s no place like home.

14 thoughts on “Gifted”

        1. They are from Boden (I randomly get their catalog) which is some brand from Europe. They are such freaking good quality. At first I worried they didn’t fit, but that was just because I needed to warm up the actual quality leather a little. No blisters and they come in several colors. Recommended!

          1. ooooh thanks for the rec! i’m definitely going to check boden out… AFTER i’m done being jealous of you because its warm enough in SF to wear flats (and because there are mountains of snow all over nh… boo)

    1. They are amazing, right? I lived in BC flats for about a year and they just weren’t as nice and didn’t hold up well at all. I’m impressed.

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