Flashback Friday: Fly Me Away

*Sometimes on Fridays I take a break from thinking up stories and interesting tidbits to share and delve into my currently unpublished blog that goes all the way back to Nov of 2006. Today I found a gem from March 15, 2008. When your mind wanders during a flight, what does it say to you?

Ew. That guy has scabs on his face. Don’t look don’t look don’t look don’t look.

…Maybe I could teach and live in Nebraska… maybe just for a year. There is something incredibly romantic about all the square grid outlines of the midwest.


Wow, i really like the neck tattoo of women’s lipstick on the guy next to me. I’m fairly certain he’s been to prison. Hopefully, he won’t steal any of my stuff.

American Airlines – Your snack options for a 4 our flight blow. No, I do not want an entire tube of Lays “stack-em” potato chips. And 4 dollars for a lipton green tea drink is not acceptable.

I have the urge to jump out of the plane just to feel what it’s like to fall through clouds.

…That would be a cool scene in a movie. I wonder how they would get that shot? Would they have to use one of those real-life dummies like on myth busters? It would be neat if she were falling with her back towards the ground. In a dress. And her legs and arms were shooting up towards the sky. Ok kind of beautiful, kind of creepy.

Woah! Is that a tornado over there!? That would be SO bad ass!

If the guy behind me keeps breathing his nasty ass breath on me, I will eventually vomit. And could you also stop kicking my mother fucking seat? Thx.

Imagine this flight times three and that’s one leg of a trip to europe. I would probably have to give in and pee at some point. Damn.

4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Fly Me Away”

  1. hilarious. what an awesome find in your secret collection. 🙂 i’ve gone through mine recently as well, we may have semi-similar brains, lady…

    1. I love hearing that. When I was re-reading it and trying to decide if I actually should repost it, I kept thinking “good lord, lauren, you’re so effing weird!” Thank god I’m not the only one! 😉

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