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The website Kickstarter makes me very happy. Other people, helping fund artistic, entrepreneurial acts. My college/internet friend Michelle first got me loving the site when her husband used it to find a beautiful rug making venture. The cool thing with kickstarter is you tell the site how much you need, you make a cute video showing why you need the cash and what you’re going to do with it, and then people pledge money. If you make your goal then you get the money, if you don’t, then you don’t. So this isn’t for people who just want to take an “artistic trip to europe” or “help me fund my creatively inspired closet”. It’s about real creativity having the opportunity to be funded by means other than a) selling your soul or b) having rich parents (a girl can dream… trust fund?).

Today I’m highlighting a literary magazine trying to collect stories that showcase major cities in the United States. I love literary magazine and I especially appreciate those who aim to publish unknown writers (there are so many of us). Avery is based in Chicago, which also makes me very happy (New York gets so tired after a while). So check out the video and think about making a pledge. You can pledge as little as 1 dollar. Not bad.

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Aid”

  1. I call FOUL.

    They say “It started as the top twenty-five most populated American cities, and grew into a mix of the top thirty. We were sad—but willing—to sacrifice some cities to include others, in an effort to add more regional diversity.”

    BUT, they chose Austin, which is 15th largest city in America behind Houston (4th), San Antonio (7th) and Dallas (9th). One again, the cool indie kid gets picked over all the cultural diversity that those other cities have to offer.

    They only get a dollar from me.
    (I might be in a mood today.)

  2. So, this has little do with the actual cause. But you know when you’re watching a movie or something and you’re like, “Hey! I know that place!” Well, I had a moment like that with Quimby’s. I walk by the place many times a week. 🙂 Give it up for Chicago!

    Oh, and I think it’s a neat project.

    And also, funny how the places they chose may influence how people feel. I’m like, “great!” Alyssa’s like, “grrrr.”

    1. I’m all about it being great because my wheels are spinning about what i could send in. 🙂 hahaha. And I feel that way all the time. I saw this youtube video once of a trader joes and I was like AH! TRADER JOES! I GO THERE! THAT’S MY STORE! But it was the same feeling as when you see a work person out in the real world and it’s like …. wait, WHO are you? 🙂

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