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Some of you will remember that I wanted flats for the wedding. But not lame-o slipper flats, something adorable, something special. And these adorable special flats? Where are they? They are not to be found! The lovely ladies of twitter tried to help me, filling my in box with links, but everything they found did not suit me.

And then the Nordstrom Catalog came out with their wedding section and all of the amazing strappy-ness got me. Like these and this and these over here. My bridesmaids are getting amazing shoes with petals and ruffles all over them, in the height they feel more comfortable in. As much as flats would keep me skipping around the chapel, I think I would be even more uncomfortable in footwear that didn’t make me sing.

So the plan is: amazing T-strap shoes with glitzy flower for photos and wedding, then some bedazzled (yet to be purchased or found) flats for the reception. And have I mentioned I’m more excited about my shoes than I am for the dress? It’s true.

Right now, the dress makes me anxious. Like ohmygod do I look good in it? Will it make me self conscious? By all means, Lauren, do not balloon up 20+ lbs because eventually you will have to zip that thing up. But the shoes, the shoes… I just have to walk in the shoes… and walk I can.

*please excuse ugly, unpainted toes, and any pinching visible on the closeups – the things we do for fashion.

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  1. First off … I want the first link so I can play princess. And the second to wear all the time, period.

    Now that THAT’S out of the way (always greedy) … ZOMG SHOES!! Absolutely incredible! I love you found shoes that make you sing. =)

    As for your dress. I was worried about my dress/it’s style/if it would fit literally until the moment we squeezed me into it (the seamstress could not make it fit me … it was either too big by half an inch, or too small. I chose making sure it stayed up) 10 minutes before I walked the aisle. It’s totally natural (well, I’m hoping so) … don’t worry.

    And for God’s sake … DON’T watch Say Yes To The Dress … that was the number one contributer to my dress anxiety … seeing dresses I thought I liked better. Ugh.

    Back to the point … YAY SHOES!!

    1. hahaha YES! I have the urge to look through bridal magazines but I do. not. Because the entire time (when I have peeked, not gonna lie) I look at dresses I never even considered and think “aww… but… but I like THAT one BETTER!!”

  2. Love the shoes, and the gorgeous flower!
    Two pieces of advice to make the pretty shoes closer to comfy shoes
    (after you break them in by dancing all over the house in them of course)
    put band-aid blister block all over any places the straps rub and/or pinch – this makes the skin more slippery and greatly reduces the chances of blisters.
    Put in dr. scholls insoles – they won’t be visible once you’re wearing the shoes and any extra padding will help.

  3. Beautiful! I too was set on wearing flats all day…but I haven’t been able to find any quite sparkly or special enough to fit the bill AND I realized that I do look just the teensiest bit better when I’m propped a little higher off the ground. It’s a lame, insignificant wedding dilemma, I know, but I want to be comfortable and feel attractive too. Anyway, definitely let us know if you find your dream flats. (Have you seen these: ? They’re a little pricy but look gorgeous.)

    One more thing – is it really possible to wear heels for the ceremony and flats for the reception? Sounds like the best plan ever, but I’m worried the length of my dress won’t be able to accommodate the change. Details, details.

    1. wow! those shoes look both amazing and crazy crazy comfortable…. but they are a little out of my price range. womp.

      And TOTALLY you can wear flats and heels. First, my dress is going to be bustled for the reception and second, it’s going to be on the floor anyway. My main focus for the wedding day is being fashionable in the way that makes me happy, and also being insanely comfortable during the reception. If my dress is a pool on the floor I feel like it will just add to the drama. πŸ˜‰

  4. LOVE the shoes. I envy you and your cute feet and ability to wear strappy sandals. And that glitzy flower is killin’ me, I love it so much!

    And do NOT put off the shoe finding. I ended up having to use floral spray paint to make my zebra print flats into cream ones after not being able to find good flats ANYWHERE. Know how hard it is to spray paint shoes two days before your wedding while crying about it?
    I am Jack’s cautionary tale….

  5. Yay Lauren! I’m so happy you love your shoes. You sound like me β€” right now I’m more excited for my shoes than the dress too. Also, I ended up buying shoes an inch taller than I had wanted. Oh the things we do for style. πŸ˜‰

  6. Gorge!!!
    I was way more excited about my shoes than dress. However, I bought sequin jandals (sorry, flip-flops) for the reception. Turned out, I was having so much fun that I didn’t even notice my feet and kept my shoes on the entire night.
    I highly recommend dancing around the house. Nightly, in fact. If for no other reason than to look at the shoes.
    I created outfits around mine to justify the price. See, I can wear them with everything!!

  7. Those shoes are beautiful! I just (meaning yesterday) decided on my wedding flats and I’m so excited to have that decision made. I know you mentioned bedazzled flats, so if it helps, the ones I picked are Nine West Facinate Glitter in Silver. The Michael Antonio Palmero flat is also sparkly and pretty. I got mine on, the best shoe site in the land.

  8. I am SO JEALOUS right now. My dress had a cotton lace overlay with a special bottom part that could not be changed , lengthened or hemmed, which meant I had to find exactly 1 inch heels/flats. Do you realize how difficult that is? Ugh. I ended up with some hideous cheap wedding flip flops with a small heel that I got from Zappos….NOT ok. So jealous of your hot shoes!! And smart move going for them… because shoes really make all the difference in the world between feeling hot or not.

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