Sunday Funday

After the … interesting … half time of the Superbowl yesterday, Kamel began work on a piece of lovely do-it-yourself furniture from Target. I was in charge of handing over the screws and nails when called for. It’s not that I can’t put together my own furniture, it’s just that now that I have a buddy – I don’t have to! Perks!

As he was hammering tiny baby nails into the cardboard backing our downstairs neighbors started banging on their ceiling. The universal sign for passive-aggressively saying “you’re being too loud”. I was equal parts embarrassed and pissed because… what the fuck? It’s 630 on a Sunday during the Superbowl, it took less than 10min and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t interrupting anybody’s nap. I briefly considered walking downstairs and apologizing face to face, explaining the situation and hoping they peed their pants a little with the real life confrontation.

Anyway – the real point of this post is the creation of this:

A shoe holder!! I would have shown you a before picture… but it was too mortifying how much dust and shenanigans had gathered around my shoes and begun a very compelling uprising. It was mayhem. (Parallel between my shoes and Egypt may possibly be in bad taste, but it sure does paint a picture, doesn’t it?) But now they have a home! Where they can come and go freely, and the floor of my apartment can be that much more free of clutter. Hooray small victories!

Do you have shoes that need storing? Are you tired of those stupid contraptions you hang off of your bedroom door with all of those shoe pockets? Do you lack ample closet space? You too can own a do-it-yourself shoe box from Target. You no longer have to get up every morning and trip all over  your footwear. There is hope.

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  1. I love this post, as I am obsessed with organizational things. Especially boxes and shelves. I do not like actually organizing, I just like shopping for boxes and shelves and have my stuff already organized. That whole in-between bit of actually doing it does not interest me in the least.

    But I do love this shoe holder and we almost bought it. Until we realized that the with his many work boots, my dressy work boots and both of our cowboy boots, we’d have two pairs of sneakers in there.
    We’re too country to live.

    But Target is my organizational go-to. Crate and Barrel is fun, but crazy expensive.

  2. YES. we JUST bought one of these the day before yesterday! My shoes are in a HAMPER in the closet…and Isaiah’s always dumbfounded when I’m pissed that my flats are permanently going to leave blisters because they’re all misshaped! WTF indeed.

    Also, could SWEAR we live in the same apt from that photo.

  3. Hooray shoe house! I wish we could get away with something like this, but Jon has faaaaaaaar too many shoes. Even with his shoe rack, he has a pair that’s currently living on top of the vacuum. What?

    In his defense, I have a lot, too … but not nearly as many.

    We’ve got two racks (one for each of us) in the hall closet … mine’s on the floor, his is on the shelf above the coat rack. I’ll send you a photo of the rediculous-ness some time.

    But yes … Target, occasionally Wal-Mart, and The Container Store. Ah, The Container Store … how I love you…

    And also … your neighbors need to chill. Silly kids.

  4. You know what is funny? I built a shoe rack this weekend too! And also a little drawer…thingy… for the closet to keep sweaters in, because i’m too short to reach the shelves. AND- after I finished building them (all by myself), Alex comes over and says “i’m so proud of you! since you did those all by yourself, i’m going to clean everything up for you!”

    score 🙂

  5. I sent this link to Roger and said, “I want this.” He wrote back, “No, you NEED that.”

    My shoes are … a little messy. I try to keep only really seasonal, everyday shoes in my foyer (so, right now, there are two pairs of snowboots, leather high-heeled boots, Uggs, and white-fur-disco boots there – all TOTALLY needed for everyday. uh-huh.), and then I have non-seasonal, non-everyday shoes in an under-the-bed-rolley-thing. And in shoe-boxes in my closet.

    Writing that out, I think maybe I need to cut my shoe collection down to a reasonable number before I buy this. Okay, February plan – get some shoes to Goodwill and don’t buy any new ones.

  6. I am so happy to have my shoe holder! It makes daily life seem a little more organized, though my boots are just kept in a box on top of each other. PS I have those adorable rain boots!

  7. This makes my heart smile. I love to organize and I just love when other people organize.

    I have a metal-over-the-door shoe hanger thingy. It’s very dorm-like. And, sometimes the metal bars come out of their slots, which creates a shoe-slide. It’s no way to live.

    Also, it’s not too late for a little confrontation kindness. “It sounds like we may have disturbed you last night?” I think that alone would induce a tinkle.

      1. If it is bad, I don’t want to be good.

        Seriously though, the added bonus is that they’d think twice before doing it again. I mean C’MON!
        Besides, people hide behind walls too much these days. I think it is brave, not bully-ish, to check with a neighbor and apologize for any “misunderstanding.”

        And if it ends up that they were communicating in morse code then you guys can have a good laugh!

  8. I lurve Target.

    We’re currently looking for the perfect shoe organizer. Must be a cross between organizer and bench. Which means examining our coat storage options as well.


    1. Target and I have a special, special bond. And now that they sell groceries I’m one of those crazy ppl filling up her cart every two weeks. It’s a sickness.

    1. for a long, long time my shoes lived in a line against the wall in the bedroom. And the dust and hair that would collect there (sorry, yes that is gross) would ick me out so badly I would stick to my two pairs of flats and one pair of tennis shoes… but now… the world is my shoe oyster. They will remain dust free AND i wouldn’t be searching like a crazy person for the left one. How do the left ones always make it under the bed or the couch? What IS that?

  9. I have two of these, all for myself. Some of the shoe holes were too small for my shoes to fit as a pair, so I put one shoe per slot. I love organizing (shoes and clothes are by color & style). Rock on!

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