Kamel has an obnoxious love of taking photos of me eating. He takes joy in using his photography skills for evil.

(wow, the cleave was in good form that night…)

And of course… the classic…

But for all of these… travesties… I have one thing he (hopefully) will never have of mine. I bring you – the worst photo of Kamel EVER TAKEN. Behold the majesty.

29 thoughts on “Munch”

  1. Bwhahahaha!

    I love that you’re using both hands with the ice cream cone. Like you had to tame it before you could take a bite.

  2. Well, you’re so damn CUTE when you eat! Seriously, I don’t know anyone else who can pull that off. I’d take pictures of you, too.

    1. Oh my gosh you guys are silly. Yes, the eating pictures were a veiled attempt at shameless promotion of my beauty. Hahaha Hahahaha. More corn for everyone!!!

    1. oooo that’s at kamel’s work’s 4th of July picnic up at skywalker (cough NERD cough) ranch. It was like 95 degrees in a field covered with hay and I was sweating like a crazy. But the food was free!

  3. haha wrist support for the ice cream cone….brilliant photos…
    that photo is hilarious! i love that you get back at his photography evil with one of your own! πŸ™‚

  4. OK. So, this crazy thing just happened. I was looking at this post in my google reader thing and my fiance came up behind me and was like, “Who is that?” And I said, “Um, this girl Lauren who is the assistant editor person at APW.” Then, he goes, “What’s her last name? I think I know her. I think I took a writing class at the U of I with her.”

    So then I did some creeping (I’m really good at poking my way through facebook, if I do say so myself) and … you apparently went there, and you are who he thinks you are. So, anyways, I guess you vaguely know my fiance, Donnie Ferguson, who might have been going by Don at the time. And maybe you don’t remember him at all, because I gather he was a pretty quiet guy back in the day, and also that was years ago. But you never know. πŸ™‚

    Small world.

    1. Oh my god I think you telling me this may have made my woke day. Hahaha is it bad that at the beginning of this story my first reaction was “oh god I hope I didn’t sleep with him…” I need to see a picture of him!! How did I know him?

      1. He said “Nope.” As in, nope, you didn’t sleep with him. πŸ™‚ He said the class he thinks you had together was with Julie Price. Do anything for you/your memory??

        Here’s him in this video we made to tell people we were engaged. Though, if you have a few minutes, it would be worth watching his animated music video that he made for a local U of I based group (we live in Urbana) called Elsinore. We then made a live action version of the video to share with our families. Our engagement video really makes next to no sense if you haven’t seen the animated video first. πŸ™‚

        Here’s the animated video:

        Here’s our engagement video:

        So… maybe you’ll recognize him? Though the beard is a new thing — he was quite beardless in college.

        1. Oh my god Hahahahahaha dude I was totally in love with him in that class!!! Hahahahahaha I thought he was the bees knees and that his writing was awesome. How funny!! This makes me very happy. You married a totally adorable man. This makes me very happy. Hahaha

          1. Ahhhhh small world! I love it. Also, he is the bees knees, so you were right. I’m glad other people see it too. Also, he is a great writer but he’s trying to get started in a career in video and animation. We are considering, one of these days, a move out West. I’ll keep you posted. πŸ™‚

  5. Is it completely misguided of me to say that I really like that photo of kamel? He looks so happy, his hair looks awesome crazy… Am I wrong?

    1. Hahaha well… he has tamed the mane and lost some lbs. It’s also funny because its framed in his mothers house and every time he sees it he groans. Bahaha. But there is something rather freeing about it. I should post the second worst. It has to do with necking an Orange.

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