Lust List: Make My Home Pretty

I always find it harder to spend money on my home than I do anywhere else. Wine glasses? Who needs those when we have mugs? Art? Let’s just frame some photos. Storage? An end table? No, no, no, we couldn’t possibly! My biggest home purchase ever (besides some amazing art that is now in our kitchen and a few desks over the years) was our couch that we got on super sale and that, when the delivery guys hauled it up our stairs, I was surprised we didn’t have to put together ourselves. That’s classy. So if I had a ton of extra cash, and the will to spend it – this is what I would buy.

Woolly Bear is exactly how I feel in the mornings and how Kamel looks right when he wakes up. Aww! I want it in my house somewhere prominent so that every time I walk by I have to squelch the urge to cuddle it. Julia Pott Illustrations is out of London, and all of her work should be in a children’s book… or in my house.

The Departure makes the fat kid inside of me squeel with glee. It also makes me super happy and reminds me of Up in a very whimsical way. RawToastDesign has absolutely awesome collection of prints (Like this one) that get my imagination and smile going. I love happy art.

I have an unexplained adoration of quirky pillows. I love them. I want them. And yet… I never can justify the purchase. But I should, because they would make me happy and I would use them every day. Plus, fun pillows are such an easy way to add a bit of quirk to a room without trying, really, at all. These are from Build Your Block out of Brooklyn (Say that 3 times fast) and they do a bunch of city-scape design stuff so go check them out.

I have fallen madly in love with Tina Frey Designs. She works mostly in Resin and creates housewares and jewelery that is both incredibly modern and incredibly organic feeling all at the same time. She is a San Francisco Designer and I first found her when I fell in love with her bright blue cuff (once I hunt it down, somewhere in the city, it’s going to become my “something blue”).

I have just been ACHING for a whimsical lamp shade. I went to the housewares sales at anthropologie, searching for a lamp shade I saw online for $15 bucks that would be perfect on our crappy ikea lamp and when I got there it was the size of my palm. Womp Womp. This one though, is regular sized, and knowing anthropologie it won’t even be linkable in 6 months, but I had to show you anyway because it’s like having two awesome lamps. The first is so very day time with all of the colors and flower happies. But when you turn the light on …

… it becomes all red lips and drama. Just like that shirt you sometimes wear to the office meaning to really break it out at Happy Hour – this lamp goes from day to class in a flick of your fingers.

Happy shopping!

15 thoughts on “Lust List: Make My Home Pretty”

  1. I love how you equate that lamp shade to a day-to-night outfit! Ooo la la! And it’s true! Totally different, sexy lamp shade when the other lights go low and the lamp comes on. Nice!!!

  2. That lampshade is GORGEOUS. I love that it changes!

    What does Kamel think about you list?? My husband and I can’t agree on our furnishings. Registering was a disaster. I stood in the middle of Bed Bath & Beyond, brandishing that beepy gun, nearly in tears as I hollered, “Not everything needs to be khaki or maroon. I NEED SOME COLOR IN MY LIFE!”
    Some lady laughed at us. She’s lucky she didn’t get a beepy gun upside the head.

    1. I probably have the BRIGHTEST taste of anybody, and thank God Kamel thinks color is fun too. Not as much as I do but for the most part the things he likes are me just a bit toned down. So we compromise well, on most things. Last weekend when I was hunting in the anth sale we saw a multi colored wooden eiffel tower that was about 2 feet tall and he was like OH MY GOSH I WANT THIS FOR OUR TABLE!! Unfortunately it was 50 bucks. Womp. We have actually decided to try and get fun mismatched plates from anth as our everyday dish set instead of trying to pick one out at Macys …. which seems to be where we DON’T agree the most.

  3. I’m always trying to drag stuff home from thrift stores to “give it a new life!!!!” just last friday I found a piano bench that was rickety and dingy but with a coat of celery green paint and white pleather upolstery it would have been perfect! Alas, the shop wanted to charge my $25 for it and I wasn’t in the mood to haggle.

    I need to get better about color, my whole house is either a shade of tan, white or light blue, I’m thinking I need a little yellow and green in my life!

    1. See, and I don’t have the eye or the know-how for re-furbishing. It overwhelms me!

      But with the colors I agree – And it could still keep that relaxed beachy feel. I <3 yellow.

  4. I have a problem with buying home goods. For some reason I can’t seem to make myself do it without a lot of hemming and hawing. I’m so indecisive and can’t commit to spending the money on the home.

    Throw pillows are my hardest purchase. I can’t find any I like enough to spend that much money on. In other people’s homes they seem so easily put together, but it’s the hardest thing for me to do.

  5. Ooooh. Hi Lauren! I just found your blog on Maggie Mason’s site! That happy fat balloon picture is delightful. And Raw Toast Design’s work: beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  6. i LOVE that lamp shade. wicked finds, lady! i just found a badass print that i like and would go perfectly in our apt, but i’m the same way…i can’t possibly spend $20 on THIS, can I?! maybe…but no. i won’t, ha.

    1. oooo but that would depend! I think I would spend 20 bucks from an independent artist. for sure. But not from somewhere like Urban Outfitters, etc. It’s a balance. And only when I’m in the mood. šŸ˜‰

  7. Hello Lauren!

    Thank you for your lovely blog and including your post about Tina Frey Designs! You are so sweet! Your blog is really wonderful! If you need to hunt down the blue Wonder Woman Cuff, please do not hesitate to contact me! I am happy to help you out!

    1. oh YAY! I’m so glad you saw my write up. šŸ™‚ And yes, I’ve called around to a few stores in the bay area and no one has it in blue!! But one of the stores said they could order it for me. I’m on it! But I’ll let you know if I need help. Thank you!!

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