Adventure-ing: Take More Fashion Risks, Something Borrowed

A few weeks ago Maris sent me a text asking me if I wanted a pair of her shoes that just happen to be my size. Maris was trying to clean out her closet and pair down (pun!) her shoe collection…. something her shoe hoarder tendencies make it very difficult to do. Have you seen her drawer of shoes at work? And her shoe storage in her closet? It. Is. Impressive. Plus, now I understand why some countries in Africa don’t have shoes for their children – Maris has bought them all.

I digress (At Maris’s expense… love!). So Maris offered me her shoes and I jumped on it, because – look at them!

And here is where you come in, oh dear readers. How do I wear these? What do I wear them with? Can I wear them with skinnies? Tights and a skirt? With naked legs?

Needless to say, Kamel is ecstatic because they are purple. Ha. So he’s stoked to see me actually wear them out of the house. So send me your suggestions! Links to photo examples or outfit combos! Internet, you are my only hope.

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  1. oh man I cannot be helpful on this but I will be watching for the replies! those are exactly the kind of shoes I would never buy for myself because I have no idea how to wear them. super hawt though.

  2. Oh please oh please oh please … someone post tips! I have a pair of ankle boots sitting in my closet because I have NO idea how to wear them!

    (Also … those are freaking adorable. Love love love.)

  3. dude, the magical part about those shoes? They can be worn with ANYTHING. Sheer tights (or hose or no tights at all) with a skirt that stops at your knee or above is my personal favorite 🙂

  4. Dude, wear them with ANYTHING. Because they are AWESOME.

    Seriously though. With jeans, maybe with a simple black-and-white outfit for some pop. Since they’re close-toed and kind of wintery by nature, I think they might look better with tights or leggings than bare legs. I have a similar black pair of ankle boots and they’re very elongating with black tights.

  5. I see them with textured purple tights, a kilt, a shrunken thrifted fair isle sweater, and a heathered purple tee underneath, peeking out underneath. Alternatively, skinny jeans, worn with a purple tunic, something gold, something else purple.

    It’s all about the color, layering it on, using some other purple somewhere, and then finding either complementary or contrasting shades.

    Or else, you know, black pants and white shirt because who has time for all that:).

  6. Hot shoes! I have a pair like that, but in grey. I generally wear them with tights and dresses or skirts.

    I feel like since I’m short and have a curvy butt, hips, and calves, the proportion is all off for me to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans.

  7. hahahaha to Alyssa’s reply.

    I agree with above tips. I think I’d like them better with tights or skinnies. (unless, of course, you’re going with Alyssa’s suggestion). I think it’d be easier with tights because in my experience, my skinnies do this funny scrunchy thing when I wear them with booties and to me, it looks frumpy. (But that could be just me.)

    Tights and a pencil skirt would be awesome! Also, I like the idea of some pleated shorter shorts with tights. I know this is kind of weird…winter shoes with shorts and tights. But I don’t know, I like that idea.

    Also, have you worn the ruffle skirt yet???

  8. I want to say “anything,” but my heart is really saying “with a white-washed denim mini-skirt. And teased hair. And a leotard.”

    But really, anything. Those are amazing.

  9. Oh DROOL!!! When I was shopping for something to wear to the city last saturday i came across some JUST like that except in black…only in size 10! Booo! I was SO bummed and super excited to see them on you! I was gonna wear them with leggings and a longer, cover the butt sweater with a belt, maybe off the shoulder? Love. Cant wait to see pics of the outfit you pic :))

  10. Oooooh awesome!!! Way to be generous Maris! Hmmm I think my instinct would be tights or leggings and a long tunic-Esque top, and hair up and fabulous earings!! Buuuut you have great legs, so sheer tights, a just above the knee pencil skirt, that amazing art decubitus belt with a simple white top? So emphasis on great waist, banging legs, great rack (let’s be real) and fabulous YOU

  11. Those are pretty fabulous! Since they look like winter-y type shoes, I’d wear them with tights and a skirt, or skinnies.

    Can’t wait to see how you rock those purple gems!

  12. You guys!! So many amazing suggestions and cheering on! You’ll definitely get some sort of fashion show update in the coming weeks. And keep em coming if you have more. I’m scrolling through them on, brainstorming and clicking on links. 🙂 YAY!!!

  13. I love it! A friend pares down; you get a pair! I want a friend like that.

    I would beware of having too much purple in your outfit; those shoes are so *bam* (in a good way) that too much purple elsewhere will make you look a walking Fruit of the Loom grape. Maybe a top with flecks of purple, or purple accessories. Max. Use complementary colors like gray. That link to Lily Allen is spot on.

    I would say yes to skinnies, yes to tights and above the knee or at the knee skirt (no longer), but I’m iffy on the bare legs. To me, closed toe=winter; bare legs=summer, but that may be just in my book.

    Looking forward to seeing outfits with these shoes.

    Oh, oh, this dress with black tights and those shoes would be super hot.

  14. Can I just say, on a slightly different note, do not leave shoes in a drawer at your office because you might, like me, find yourself in the midst of a national state of emergency (earthquake) and unable to ever get to those shoes ever again. Very sad state of affairs. Both the shoes, and the many many lives lost. Please send prayers and well wishes to nz, we need all we can get right now

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