Kamel Perez Photography: The App!

Kamel continues to inspire me creatively, to push me to see beyond my computer screen and beyond the blank word document to something bigger, better, and (because Kamel is who he is) towards something more lucrative. He is not only my biggest cheerleader, but also the biggest supporter of my dreams as an artist. He makes it possible for me to take risks, and he is the greatest example I have of someone who found multiple things he loved to do and was able to make money doing all of them. And he still has managed not to lose  any of his enthusiasm.

I feel like we are on the cusp of being a fully creatively-supported household. And that doesn’t mean we don’t have jobs, it means we have too many jobs. But are happy to work 12 hour days and all weekend because we’re doing the things that make us the most happy. And today I finally get to announce a Kamel Photography project that has been months and months in the making. Years, really, if you count the amazing stockpile of photos he has.

Kamel has launched an app! It works two ways – first as a digital photo book, and second as some pretty kick ass wallpaper. Right now he has three app options:

Each has 20 photos f0r 99 cents and all of the photos can be saved as wallpaper, and depending on your device (mostly iPad vs iPod), the photos have been cropped and sized to fit that screen’s resolution.

I know from experience (Um, trying to make my phone AWESOME) that a lot of wallpaper apps super suck. They either have only one photo that’s worth anything, or have a huge water mark through the middle, and that doesn’t scream pretty, that screams “wow, you obviously didn’t take that yourself.” Womp. And Kamel knew this going in, so he made all photos available without a water mark mucking up the image, and every app has 20 of the best photos we could come up with – and trust me, the narrowing down aspect took the longest (that’s where my talents as a keen observer and consumer came in!).

Kamel’s whole goal with this project was to showcase his photos. He had so many amazing shots just sitting in Lightroom folders, waiting to be shared, but doing nothing but collecting digital dust. He told me last week that he’d be happy if just 10 people bought it, that it was mostly a labor of live and a labor of, “can I actually make my very own app??” I assured him that more than 10 people would be interested. Way more.

Plus I know a secret that I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to say out loud. After a few months, Kamel will be releasing updates for these three apps (along with a few more apps, Fog being one of them) that include even more photos. So 99 cents is a kind of cheap investment into the land of pretty.

So – check out the app, share this post with friends, “like” the link, whatever you can. Projects like this keep this family working in the arts. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Kamel Perez Photography: The App!”

  1. Hey – that’s Edinburgh! And as a lifelong resident (pretty much), I can confirm that yes, the sky IS that grey 90% of the time.

    These photos are amazing, well done to Kamel – I wouldn’t even have any idea where to start with something like this.

  2. That’s awesome! If I had a smartphone, I’d totally buy it. Hm, maybe I will for my iPod touch, if I could just figure out where I put that thing…

  3. YAY!!! This is bitching. I’m totally checking it out on the App Store! (I love supporting the arts, and C is enough into writing apps that I love supporting those too!)

  4. I’m trying to sneak it on Jon’s iPhone. I’d put it on my own, but there’s no love for Android. ::winks::

    Which is amusing, considering you rock the Android, too.

    Seriously, though. Gorgeous photos. I’m totally impressed.

    1. hahaha. In the spirit of full disclosure: both kamel and I are on android. He gave up his iphone for a verizon android about a year ago. Unfortunately, the android market is open, making the coding a lot more complicated. It’s also an operating system that’s on a lot of different kinds of phones. Kamel literally cropped each photo twice so that iPad users wouldn’t get jipped. The man is a perfectionist. And making sure each phone had the proper ratio for android might kill him. Also – the trend on android is that everything is free, vs the apple store where most things are accepted at 99 cents.

      But! I would LOVE IT if it was on Droid. So we’ll seeeeee!

      1. Ah ha … see, that makes sense. Which means I’m going to have to take photos ONE BY ONE to have the prettiness.

        I can live with that for a bit … but would LOVE it if the Droid bit worked out. =)

  5. EXCITEMENT!!! I can’t believe he made his own app, badass! Damn iPhone, why can’t the Droid be easy too?? I want 20 gorgeous pictures on my phone while supporting an artistic household!

    (Congratulations Kamel!)

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