Kamel Perez Photography And You

You guys. I have been waiting to announce this for about 3 weeks (with two more announcements on the way! so much announcing!). Which basically means that all my nagging has come to a pointy head and Kamel can go back to playing video games and using his powers for selective hearing only.

I digress.

So first, you gotta check out Kamel’s website, Kamel Perez Photography. Kamel, in a former life, used to be a real life film printing photographer, with dark rooms and chemicals, and starving himself for camera equipment (and now he is a nerd prince who makes video games, just in case you need to be caught up). He had a scholarshop to sfai (where they eventually screwed him out of thousands of dollars, long story) and had gallery shows, and everything. Dude, he was even a wedding photography (more on that later though).

For now, I’m here to announce that we’ve opened a little store on his website. The contents are not huge, but! he’ll be adding more as he re-gathers his work from years past, and we go on more photo adventures. Also – I’m sure (because I know him and I say so) that if you loved a photo that isn’t in the store, he could print it for you. Right now there are 12 prints we’re excited to see on other people’s walls, a sample of which is below.

The prices are also very reasonable for scoring some amazingly unique art for your house. An 8×12 goes for an even $20 smacks, print sizes go all the way up to 20×30  (with smaller versions in-between) for $50, and he’s also offering a 16×24 canvas print (ooo canvas!) for $200.

We’re becoming quite the creatively financed house over here, and I hope you love Kamel’s work as much as I do. We have a photo collage (both big and small) half way finished in our dining room right now – we’re just waiting for the perfect frames to come along. Sigh.

19 thoughts on “Kamel Perez Photography And You”

  1. Funny, I was just showing Jon his work on Sunday night! I LOVE it. And once I have the apt. in shape, we may very well order a shot or two to adorn our walls. =)

  2. Yay! Congratulations!

    Is paying for the right to make one wide format print on my own an option? I work in a print shop, so I can do the printing for practically free.

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