Interior Design Happies

Sunday I was in a bad mood. I woke up alright, but things went downhill when we just couldn’t get out of the house to go for a walk on the beach. We started getting ready to leave and then an hour later, we were still in the house. By the time we finally made it out, it was bright and sunny and the perfect relief day from so much rain we’ve been having. (Kamel suggested, yesterday, that I write about the weather – there ya go, honey.) But my sunglasses were crooked, I felt fat, and to top it off I realized I was suddenly starving.

The worst ever is feeling fat and being hungry. You’re crabby because you need to eat, but you don’t know what to eat because you feel fat and all of the correct choices don’t sound appealing, but you’re really hungry and you kind of don’t care what you eat as long as it happens NOW, except… you do care. Too much.

This is sort of where my bad day turned into an almost melt down. Thankfully Kamel had money on him so our walk turned into the hunt for food. And then, of course, Kamel’s food was better than mine and my food was only so-so. Cue the disappointment. We ended up taking a cab home. Walk fail.

When we got home, I started coming out of my evil, snarling shell. How did I do this? By scrubbing the bathroom while we listened to music and Kamel cleaned the kitchen. Ahh Yeah. Then! Because next weekend we’re having Allison and her husband, Fred, over in the AM for a little photo biznass, we became suddenly self conscious of all our unfinished projects. You mean, the 5×7 photos taped to the wall isn’t an art installation? (You’d have thought we never had anyone over before … well, the truth is, we really haven’t.) So! it was off to Aaron Brothers for frames, then it was digging around to find our hammer, and our nails, and moving chairs this way and that so we could move paintings and photos and hang calendars. When it was all done I felt exhilarated and incredibly proud of us. Finally our apartment is becoming styled. Finally, it feels less like a place where we’re keeping our stuff, and more like our home.

My favorite thing – the thing that had me dancing around the apartment – was our completed photo collage of some of Kamel’s old work. When we first moved to the apartment he had bags of photos that had never really seen the light of day, and I thought that was ridiculous! Of course we should have his art on display! And now we do.

Also planned for the very near future: framed vintage movie posters along the main wall of the living room. Yes. Everything is coming together!

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  1. I think we had identical Sundays! I too was a crab because I was hungry and felt fat so we went grocery shopping and out for tacos. Then I hung up a shelf and some key hooks because life is hard when you spend all day reading design blogs and live in a bad apartment.

    1. well… no. we had kamel’s cousin here and Maris in town but they both came within a month of us moving, so I feel like it was acceptable to still be climbing over boxes. πŸ™‚ But no more!

  2. Looks great. We’ve been at our place for, well, I don’t really want to say how long and haven’t put up our art yet. I’m feeling a little inspired to now.

  3. Having people over always inspires me to finish up projects…but inspiration doesn’t always mean that I get stuff done, like put the trim up around all of the windows and clean up the basement.


  4. I love when guests come for dinner or to stay over, because our apartment is never so clean as right before they arrive!

    I am anxious to hang things up too, but our walls are plaster (that’s the uncommon one, right? because usually walls are drywall? this is as much as I understand at this point.) and that means we have to do some weird special thing to screw anything into the wall and it makes a huge hole and I’m already stressed, pre-drilling, about what work it will be to patch the holes up when we move out of here. But as a result, we only have things hung up in places where the previous tenants left the nails in the wall. Not ideal.

    I have total house/big apartment envy. And also I want a dishwasher.

    PS Photo collage = perfect!

  5. I hear you on every part of this post! Feeling fat and being super hungry is the worst combo ever because it rarely ends well.

    And having guests over is the best reason to light a fire under your butt… get the house clean and decorated!

    Lastly… Love the photo collage. This is inspiring me to maybe someday actually finish decorating our bedroom.

  6. yesss to all of this. sorry I am a little late to this party but I love this post. and I love that photo wall. I am inspired!

    we have lived in the same apartment forrrr 2 years now?? and still don’t have proper curtains (I keep thinking I’m crazy enough to sew my own. and then I freak out and refuse to think about it). and our wall hangings need some serious updating. we have a pile o prints and photos we’ve been meaning to frame, maybe this weekend it will happen!

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