Flashback Friday: Because How Could I Not

*Sometimes on Fridays I take a break from thinking up stories and interesting tidbits to share and delve into my currently unpublished blog that goes all the way back to Nov of 2006. Today I found the post that came just after the story I told on Wednesday, so how could I not share it? This comes from Feb 17, 2008. And how serendipitous that I be thinking about this moment in time, practically on the anniversary of this moment in time?

So Portland’s been pretty saw-weeeet. A lot of wine, a lot of So Co and lime, a lot of girls time. And yes that all rhymes. And so does that. Score.

There was the amazing bar scene on friday night with my girl, Claire. There were tongue rings involved, napkin throwing, losing keys, lamp breaking and general debauchery. 🙂

Saturday was movie time with Step Up Two…. having both of us imagining that we could actually dance. Ha. shakeshakeshake your groove thing.

Then! Kathleen came down and thank god for that. I mean seriously.

A dinner party convened with lots a Holy Names -esque chatting and laughing, lots of Portland girls catch up time, and an amazing open mic experience that had us all sharing our intellectual sides. Plus bottles and bottles of wine and billions of desserts.

*Sometimes I can’t help but want to hug myself and give myself a noogie for thinking I’m so damn cool.

4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Because How Could I Not”

  1. aw! you went to see step up 2…in THEATRES! girl…ha. i have a little bit of a weakness for dance movies too…if you took out all of their plots…the dancing is fascinating to me. i love watching things i cannot even DREAM of doing, like dancing. i can’t even dance in my mind…in my dreams, i stumble all over myself. yeah. it’s that bad.

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