Flashback: 2008 Lauren

*Every once in a while on Fridays all dig back into my old blog (the blog I peeled off the internet 2 years ago). I have some readers who have been with me since 2004 and others who have been with me since last week (hi!!). Hopefully this is entertainment for all! (and a chance for me to rest my brain a bit.) Today, in honor of the Superbowl weekend I bring you back to Feb 4, 2008 in LaurenLand.

(2007 Lauren on Muni Tracks)

Last night, while everyone else in the US was watching the Superbowl (deemed possibly the most watched Superbowl of all time?), I went to a movie. A totally cheesy, Disney produced movie. By myself. A kind of lonely indulgence. Coming home, taking the muni tunnels (like the subway), I was pleased to get the opportunity to watch and silently judge all the drunk Superbowl people heading home (and secretly wishing i was one of them!).

When I went through the turn-styles, my one fifty in quarters plunking through the slot satisfyingly, there were a clump of 10-13 year old little boys all jammed into the one next to me, arguing with the attendant and the muni police about some such thing. I walked through and headed down to the platform. But as I went down the stairs I heard one of the kids shout, “I only need three more cents!!” so I stopped mid-stair and turned back. What the hell, I thought, I’ll give him a whole dollar.But as I reached the paying level I saw other people helping the kids out, so I turned back again and trotted down the stairs.

I was wandering around the platform looking for a garbage can to empty out my pockets when I saw the the muni police coming down the stairs. I figured they were checking tickets to see if people were scamming for a free ride. I gripped my transfer thing in my pocket and looked away. When I looked back they were bee-lining right for me. I held out my ticket passively and was surprised when one of them actually talked to me.

“Is there a problem here?” she said.

I was genuinely confused by the question. “No.” I shook my head.

“We saw you come up and then turn back around?”

I told her I was going to go help those kids and all she did was look at me like I was crazy or a lying or both. “You know the kids… they needed some change…?”She just kind of ignored me and kept asking stupid questions.

“So you know where you’re going? You’re not lost? You’re on the right platform?” But none of these questions was in a nice way, just in a badgering way.

Eventually she left me alone, but by that point I was really pissed. It’s fucking one fifty dude. I’m not going to rip off a stupid muni ride. And since when is it Quote: suspicious behavior: End Quote to get turned around, even though I wasn’t, in a muni station? So I spent most of the ride home steaming pissed. God forbid we step out of line of the lemmings and get noticed.

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  1. YES, I know I’m 3 years late to this party, but…

    This kind of thing pisses me off. It happens ALL. THE. TIME. on the metro, here. My latest incident was yesterday … the re-load cards (SmarTrip) just need to be held up to the sensor to open the gates. But the computer is faster than the gates, so sometimes during rush hour, they don’t close between passengers. (This happens to me more often than not.) Yesterday Metro security jumped all over me saying I had “followed the guy through the gate and not paid” and gave me all sorts of crap.

    I’m sorry … do I look like the type (especially right after work, still in business wear) to try and scam a $3 ride? I’ve got $200 on my card (thank you work benefits!) … go check it asshat.


    1. that’s pretty dumb because the whole point of the express lanes is that you’re not supposed to wait for the fare gates to close, you’re supposed to just tap-tap-tap get-the-lemmings-thru-as-fast-as-possible. ugh, silly metro! I always make a point of looking at the screen before i pass thru so the metro guys see that I’ve just tapped it.

  2. How annoying. I hate when people of authority poke into other people’s business. And you were just trying to help!

    This post makes me miss the cheaper 1.50 days of muni though. =)

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