Suiting Up

me: check out the tuxes!! [Link to tux rental place inserted here] do you like this?

me: or this?

me: … those are pretty much the only tuxes I like in black. Some of the suits are really nice, with ties, but as far as bow ties these are the only ones I think are flattering and not goofy.

Kamel: Wait. I found mine. Done and done.

Kamel: Then at the reception, i can do magic tricks

Kamel: or, turn into a vampire

me: also a very sexy option

17 thoughts on “Suiting Up”

  1. haha! I like that kid. incidentally, I cannot tell the difference between those first 2 tuxes. they are both very sharp though! nothing compared to the vampire suit, but.. what do you want.

  2. Ha! So awesome. But he has to grow his hair out all long and Fabio-ish just like dude in the pic πŸ˜‰ And I agree with Dday-couldnt tell the difference between the first 2 =/ Kudos to you for having the ‘eye’ for things like taht! =D

      1. Ya know what’s sad? I could make a laundry list of differences… But this was jus the initial checking out of the website. πŸ™‚ He’ll have to go try things on. I was totally against bow tie at first, but Kamel is adament, my little diva.

  3. I always knew Kamel was a secret pimp.

    I tried to get mine to wear a Steve Harvey suit for our wedding.
    He refused.
    I see nothing wrong with a gold pinstriped suit. I obviously have the superior taste.

  4. Awesome! I like Kamel’s taste. At least he’s weilling to wear a tux!

    Real conversation from my wedding planning-
    Tony (out of the blue) “I’m not wearing a tux.”
    Me: “We’re getting married outdoors, on a rocky beach. I don’t think a tux would fit anyway.”
    Tony: “I’m not wearing a suit.”
    Me: “OK”
    Tony: “And I’m not wearing a tie. I hate ties.”
    Me: “OK.You’re not wearing jeans and a t-shirt.”
    Tony: “Why not? It’s my wedding too you know!”

    1. I would LOVE if he wore something other than a Tux. But… Kamel has always seen himself wearing one for his wedding, and no amount of sway from me can convince him otherwise. I’m totally going to check out that blog though. I love men’s fashion. It’s so much EASIER than women’s fashion but looks so very good at the same time. πŸ™‚

      1. Haha, a man who knows what he wants! Certainly nothing wrong with that πŸ™‚ I’m impressed you actually want to wear a tux, most guys die at the thought of it!

        And yes, Lauren, I agree re: men’s fashion…don’t know why, but I often find it SO much more fascinating than women’s! I think because there’s all these very traditional, kind of set rules that you can bend, but it’s harder to break them than in women’s fashion.

        That said…I’m glad *I* don’t have all those fashion rules I have to follow… πŸ˜‰

      2. Kamel, I’m begging you. Whatever you wear, don’t rent it. Really, since you can wear it for as long as you fit it, it’s worth charging. And it WILL FIT.

        The end. Also: tailor it once you buy it. You can thank me later. For serious.

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