NYE in LA Photo Montage

Kamel and I drove down to LA (from San Francisco) on New Years Eve and spent the weekend with Kamel’s aunt and uncle and two little boy cousins. I’ve promised a photo montage and here you have it. From beginning to end. Some are mine some are Kamel’s.

(Early to rise)

(Quite possibly I’ve perfected the inappropriately dressed mom at the beach look)

(I fiddle with my ring when I’m excited or nervous)

(The culprit to my anxiety)

(Creepy. Super creepy.)

(Sant-a Mon-ic-a Blvd)

(Morning in Mulholland)


And then we drove off into the day to experience snow, sand storms, the best shredded BBQ sandwich I’ve ever had in my life, more driving, then we drove some more, rolling hills, cows, the drive, and finally home where it was 2011.

13 thoughts on “NYE in LA Photo Montage”

  1. I love it! And I’m insanely jealous that you got to watch the sun come up from Mulholland. Though I don’t envy you the drive up there.

    Also … the cloudy/smoggy LA one makes me insanely homesick. But I’m glad you had such a good NYE!

      1. Yep! Grew up in Rancho Cucamonga (about an hour from LA) … both my parents worked downtown. Went to college in Orange County and lived between OC and LA for … 8 years (including 3 for school) before moving to DC. I can drive the 101 (and the 110 and then 10 and the 5 and the 405 …. and on and on and on) like no one’s business. AND I can Batman route you to the Staples Center from Newport Beach in under an hour during rush hour.

        Jon actually grew up in LA. The above does not necessarily apply to him. ::winks::

        So yes, like I said … homesick.

  2. I can’t hear/read about Mulholland without quoting “Four Rooms” in my head.

    “I’m gonna take the f**kin’ car. I’m gonna drive up to fu**kin’ Mulholland. I am gonna fu**kin’ drag her f**kin’ a** and throw her down Benedict f**kin’ Canyon, man!”

    What? That just me?

    Great pics though!!

    1. … I’m worried it’s too long!! I’ve asked Maris and Kamel about it this week. I’m trying to grow it for MAXIMUM style options for the wedding, but now I’m worried it looks messay scraggled.

      1. NO. Leave it…those stylists need a lot of hair to work with. And they can work wonders with all types of hair. Scraggly or not (and you are the not).
        Plus, after the wedding, you’ll have so much hair that you can really play around with a new fab, completely different style, if you’re feeling fashion daring!

  3. HAHAHA — I was like, “Sant-a Mon-ic-a Blvd” . . . ? Until Ali helped me out, that is. And then it aaaall fell into place. Those Mulholland photos are pretty ridiculous. (In a good way.)

  4. Looks like a great trip! I fiddle with my ring too. All the time. I find that there’s something comforting to it. It always grounds me a bit.

    1. I fiddle with my ring all the time too! haha. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I did it today in my meet-up with potential clients and suddenly realized the guy was looking down at my hand like, “Why on earth are you doing that???” Then I got paranoid that it looked like I was trying to show it off or something (even tho it’s not big, or showy)… haha. Paranoia set in. All thanks to nervous ring fidgeting. 🙂

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